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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Forty-Two of Sales


This will probably be one of those shorter blogs tonight, however you never know once I start writing.

A few minutes ago (it's 10PM) I just set an appointment for this Friday with a net new production prospect.  I had emailed him earlier in the day and a few minutes ago I received the reply that yes Friday at 10AM works.

Let me touch on the email a bit. The subject line was "hope you are well" and the base of the email spoke more about new 5th station color technology that could increase profits and revenue.  There was no mention of a model number nor speeds and feeds. It was more about peaking his interest that I have technology that could potentially grow his business.  At this point in time any appointment is better than no appointments and I'll see where this takes us.

Did you ever have one of those days were everything is a cluster ****? That was my day today, the ambition to put a dent in prospecting fell apart by 11:30AM.  I'm not going into details, however a fair amount of time is still required to fix a few things tomorrow morning.

I guess it was finally about 2PMish when I was able to get down to some real prospecting. About two weeks ago I signed up for Linkedin Navigator and yes I can't stomach the monthly fee of $80.  But with only 11 potential client upgrades coming due in the next eleven months (according to my CRM) I need to make **** happen.  BTW with those eleven upgrades there is something wrong in the CRM, back in 2015 I hit Presidents Club.  I did send an email out to question that but haven't heard anything back yet.

Back to Linkedin, this Navigator is new to me and there's a learning curve however I'm seeing some value in right away. I can locate decision makers in a company, also see who they are connected with and can send up to something like 60 inmails in a month. I probably sent a dozen inmails, but found it extremely awkward to have to go back to my CRM every time to enter notes.  In addition our CRM will not track anything sent from Linkedin.  Would be cool if there was a Linkedin button in our CRM, it would make prospecting much easier. It's something I need to learn and master in the coming weeks especially since I'm paying for it.

Yes, I received a lead today! YAY!  I was also able to speak with the client and scheduled a short meeting.  Seems there is a need to replace of their devices asap.  Thus right after the call I went to work in developing the proposal providing links to my blog and providing links to my YouTube channel.  When you're not able to be face to face with clients and have to email a proposal then your proposal needs to be thorough, clean and simple to comprehend.  Adding links and video can always help.  If something like what I did was sent to me I would be thinking this person is on top of their game.  Even though the process of completing the proposal was longer than I wanted. I was satisfied with what I sent.

Tomorrow in the AM I need to process the order from Tuesday, never did that today and that's on me.  Prospecting all day with one internal meeting scheduled. One opportunity created today, two appointments, no verbals, no other orders and eight days left in the month.

-=Good Selling=-

Sales Summary

  • Create your own YouTube Channel for video of devices and demonstrations
  • Rather than email about speeds and feeds focus on how you could grow their business or increase revenue
  • Now more than ever proposal needs to be top notch with reference links (linked) and links for videos

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