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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Forty-Six of Sales


Yesterday I had my first appointment in the field in more than two months.  It was time to get back in business attire, that meant the dress shoes needed to be shined, the pressed slacks removed from the closet and of course that neatly pressed dressed shirt that's been on hiatus for the past 10 weeks.

Looking in the closed I spotted a nice blue shirt with very think white lines and thought that would do the trick for the day.  As I reached for the shirt I thought that this can't be my shirt, I never had one like this. I pulled the shirt off the hanger and looked at the tag.  The tag read a 2XXL, okay I never bought a dress shirt this large in my life and it dawned on me that my cleaners gave me another clients shirt.  Over the course of the last year I switched dry cleaners because my regular guy passed away (was with him for seven years) and I went back to the dry cleaner that I fired year ago.  I had left them seven years ago because they ruined a suit jacket on me.

Over the course of the last year I could swear I was missing shirts from time to time. I have so many dress shirts that I can't keep track of them. I thought it was me and the fact that I had some many that I couldn't keep track.  This blue shirt I pulled out was the proof that I needed that yes my dry cleaners was losing shirts on me.  I'll be going there tomorrow and will do my best to be calm and have a polite conversation, however the last time I had a polite conversation when it came time to admitted that the business owner had screwed up, suddenly his command of the English language wasn't quite as good as it used to be.      

I wanted to tell that story because at times many of our clients can get aggravated with something goes wrong.  Thus we as sales people need address the problem and diffuse the issue the best we can.  When we do that we'll get to earn the trust of the client and it will enhance the client experience.  We'll then have a client for life. I hoping my cleaner guy goes the extra distance tomorrow and does not have a timely memory loss for the English language again.

Today I gad the chance to do some real prospecting after our weekly sales meeting was over.  Our meeting starts at 11AM ends at Noon, by 1PM was busy with emails and phone calls.  In fact today produced more phone calls than emails.  The end result was four meetings scheduled for this week and I created two opportunities for about $9K each with existing clients.  One of those opportunities has a really good chance of closing this week or on the 26th which is the last day of the month for us.  Another appointment was scheduled for Friday of this week with an existing client with a $5K opportunity. There's a chance this can happen by the 26th also.  

Late in the day I had a call from one of my net new prospects in reference to the proposal I provided which turned into a short meeting.  The meeting went well but no commitment at this point in time.  However I go the feeling that this too could have a chance to close on or before the 26th.  End result of the day was three opportunities that have a shot at closing for a total of $25K.  Not a bad day right?

The work is not over though and the reason for that is many times I've been in this position before and everything that I thought would close did not.  In order to feel comfortable with 4 days left in the month (still 20% of the month left) I need to find another $15K -$20 to have a real shot of hitting my goal of $200K for the month.  Thinking by the end of this week I can be at $190 now.

Ah it's a horse race now and we're getting  down to the finish line.  Now it all becomes how bad do you want it?

Another day of prospecting tomorrow and this should get interesting. BTW Greg Walters and I have our lunch chat this Thursday and you're all invited to join the call.  I do love these calls!

-=Good Selling=-

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