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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Forty-Seven of Sales


I am so looking forward to having an extra day off next week!  The last 75 days have been extremely stressful.  It will be nice to have three days to wind down a bit. 

Does anyone feel like me that this year is taking forever to unfold? Most years it seems that the months and quarters fly by. So far this year seems like everything is going in slow motion.

I had a plan for today and it consisted of researching three possible existing clients for upgrades along with prospecting via the phone, email and Linkedin.  At one point I was doing a pretty good job with marking the calls, the emails and the appointments until I got side tracked from an existing account. 

In a Teams meeting (NJ) the other day I was roasted for still keeping a daily hand written journal of things to do and opportunities for the month.  A point was made that I have all this software and you're still hand writing stuff! MY response was that at any time I could glance down at see my opportunities and my things to do.  For me it's all about instant satisfaction that I can cross something off my list or put check next to a clients name that I touched.  Yes it may be old school but it works for me and it keeps me on track.

With one of the existing clients I sent out a closing email and I think we've all done it from time to time.  I bullet pointed all of the advantages to doing business now and then put the close at the end for "Is this something we can do this week".  Is it not right to ask for the order?  Many of those self proclaimed sales guru on Linkedin will say it is. I'm thinking many of those sales guru's don't have a monthly quota and most probably weren't decent at selling thus why they moved into writing and coaching.   Rant over

That closing email went out early in the AM and since I have three days left in the month I was okay with letting the ball travel with this client for a day. 

Out of the prospecting today I yielded no appointments,  and no new opportunities that could close in a few days.

Tomorrows plan is to call the one client with the closing email, and then call one of the net new opportunities and give the Ron Popiel offer.  That's where I review the existing proposal and add two additional items that will make the offer to good not to move on it now.  Using this strategy can only go two ways, one is you get the order and the other is the client backs off. I'm the camp right now of I don't have the order so I might as well go for the order.

In the AM tomorrow I'll be prepping for a 9:30AM with an existing client and then it's back to my favorite task of prospecting.

Thinking back about today and was there anything that I did that was unique or special?  Yes there was!  One of my clients needed help with printing from their wide format.  They couldn't figure out how to direct the prints to the front or rear exit tray.  It took me a few minutes and I created a video showing the process.  When finished the video I posted it my YouTube channel and sent the link to my client. Now I have the video archived and can create a blog around the feature and incorporate the video.  I still love what I do!

-=Good Selling=-

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