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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Forty-Four of Sales


It's 10:36PM on a warm night in New Jersey.  Finally we have a day in the low eighties and there was no wind that blew in from the ocean.   When that wind comes off the water we can be anywhere from 10-20 degrees cooler from inland parts of Jersey.  There's also a chance that a week from today we just may be feeling the effects of a tropical storm that is suppose to move up the coast.  If this storm becomes a tropical depression that stormed will be dubbed Arthur.  What a great way to start off the Memorial Day weekend!

Today was all about prospecting there were no orders to process and nothing was hot.  My plan was to make additional touches to my opportunity list, send a few inmails from Linkedin, make some phone calls, and send emails from my CRM.

One opportunity that I was tracking for a potential order in 3rd quarter needed some attention today.  I can't get into details because of the local competition that reads my blogs.  End result is that I had to put in a couple of hours today to give me the best opportunity to win.  Winning is a funny thing, we all like to win, however how much fun would it be if we always win? I'm thinking it wouldn't be that much fun and we'd never get better at what we do because we would never be able to experience losing.  Losing is a part of winning.  Losing builds character, losing makes us more determined to win, we then make the extra effort to make ourselves better.   None of us like to lose but we all understand that losing is part of the game.

Maybe 15 calls today along with a half a dozen emails and maybe another dozen or so emails from my CRM.  I also took the time to catch my CRM up to date and make a plan for next week. It was the who's who of who I wanted to call that gave me the best shot of reaching my goal for the month. 

Yesterday I made mention of my handwritten list of things to do. That list consists of my daily goals, those are the tasks I want to accomplish day in and day out.  Setting small goals daily helps you get to the larger goal. No goals for every day means you're probably not going to cut it in sales.

It seems Fridays with COVID19 is putting a strain on everyone. I've noticed the incoming emails from clients and phone calls have taken a serious dive on Fridays.  I understand because by the end of the week and I'm shot also, mentally drained just from the stress of trying to have conversations.  I get it!

Yesterday I made a call to one of my clients that was on my opportunity list.  They've been closed for the better part of 10 weeks now.  Luckily I have that clients cell phone number and since it was about three weeks since we last spoke I figured it was time to reach out.  While calling I had the message on my cell that read "can I call you back" text.  Thus I rolled that call for today and made that call somewhere around 2PM or so.  We were able to speak and in 30 seconds or so my slump was over!  They gave me the verbal for a  $12k order and I'm going to be on-site at their location on Monday afternoon.  Wow, not a bad way to end the week.  Of course this order will count for next week and didn't increase by numbers this week.

By late Monday I should be at $182K for the month with 5 days (20%) of the month left.  Now I'm down to $18K and I have no clue where that's going to come from.  Should prove to be a very interesting time going into Memorial Day Weekend.

Everyone have a great weekend!

-=Good Selling=-

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