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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Forty-Five of Sales


Day Forty-Five and in no time it will be a full quarter since being optioned to the home office.  Our blessed Governor post this on Face-book today and the response was WILD!

Of course you can only guess at who captioned it with "The fool on the hill".  Within a few short hours there were more than 5,000 responses with 90% or more of them being negative.  Geesh I wonder why?

Monday was a good day since I was able to roll through my list of things to do pretty quickly.  In addition I also submitted my week forecast which was for $30K.  That $30K will be a stretch but when thinking about forecasting a little more what does it actually mean?  When weather people forecast the weather they are not always right and in many cases they can miss the mark.  The definition of forecast is to calculate or predict. Okay, I understand the calculate part but what about the predict part of it?  If I could predict the outcome of every opportunity I sure as **** would not be selling copiers and I'd be right up there with Nostradamus.  Maybe we should start calling it "what can you close" in a given time frame.  I'm just really really bad with forecasting and the term frustrates the crap out of me.

I had my first on-site appointment in more than two months today!  Here's a few takeaways that I pondered on.

Travel time back and forth along with appointment time ate up three hours of my day. Frak that's almost 50% of the day lost.  Maybe this entire gig with on-line meetings is the way to go.  Mind you I don't mid the driving bit but the time lost is gone forever.

What do you get when three 60plus year olds are gathered around a table with masks on?  I found out today, it was foggy glasses!  Something I didn't expect and neither did the other two people in the meeting. We had a good laugh about that.  Another item of note is that with masks on I can't see a frown, a grin or a smile.  Thus I had to focus more on the their facial expression from their eyes along with body language.  The end result was awesome and another signed order for $12K.  Brings me to $182K with five selling days left in the month. 

One of the issues for this week will be Friday since most clients get out of Dodge early.  Should be interesting to see what Friday brings.

$18K left for my goal with 5 selling days. I can make this happen with one net new wide format order and a preowned MFP.  Now I liking that the last day of the is the 26th and the day after the Holiday.  Time will tell

-=Good Selling=-


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