COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Fifty-Seven of Sales


Have you ever finished a day and everything was a blur?  Kind of how I felt after I clocked out about 6PM.  I never been a big drinker and I might indulge once a month but I will be ready to tie one on after we've emerged from these uncertain times.

Yesterday I made the first contact with an existing client via email to alert them to recent research that I completed about reducing their total annual costs. 

Those costs included the lease and the maintenance & supplies. The reply was "yes, we are interested in reducing our costs and when can we talk", my response was, "do you have time at 10:AM tomorrow?". The answer was yes and we scheduled that meeting.  In order to speed things up I sent an email close about 8:30AM.  That was another simple email that outlined the current spend plus the proposed spend. We connected at 10AM and by 10:20AM I had the verbal to move ahead with the upgrade. 

I was also informed on the call that my DM will be going to the office today and then again sometime next week. That meant to drop everything else develop the docs and email them asap.  By 11AM they had the docs via email and by 1:30PM I had the docs in hand.  Nice pick up for a $14K order.  Special thanx to my buddy Lou on this one.

Today was also the day when I had to get in all of my commission sheets for May.  After finishing those it was time to process the three orders, two of those were for the 2 A4 device orders and the other was the $14K order.

I wasn't able to secure the docs for the wide format order for the net new however we did email back and forth a few times during the day.  At 5PM I received a late email that alerted me to the finance option that they picked. Thus this will be the first order of business in the AM and I'm expecting to have those docs sometime tomorrow.

I did email my other two opportunities for this week and didn't receive any replies.  Thus two phone calls will go out early in the AM and hoping that leaves enough time to get those orders in tomorrow. 

The one thing I've noticed during these 57 days is that we're no longer measured by the month but more by the week.  The question then becomes is that a good thing or a bad thing?  In my eyes it's turned out to be a good thing for right now, in the long run I do question if I could burn out sometime in the near future.  But I have a plan and the plan is for a complete shut down for one week or longer during the Fourth of July celebration.  I will no be spending my time in New Jersey either I have the perfect place pick out in the Northern Neck of Virginia.

So the attitude now until the end of the quarter is to continue at full speed and see where it lands me.  When you're on a roll you don't stop you just keep pressing forward.

Thus tomorrow I'm hoping for three additional order one for $6K, one for $8k and one for $14K. There's a good chance they could all roll to next week but there's a good chance that I won't let that happen also.

-=Good Selling=-

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