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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Fifty of Sales


This morning started last night (Sunday) for me. I had booked a 10AM to get docs signed for a new color wide format MFP. It was about 9:30PM when I tried to access our CRM and it was down. The site wasn't down but I couldn't access it because I still needed to be setup as a user and didn't have credentials. 

The plans of printing off the order doc, the ma and the lease wasn't going to work.  Next course of action was to pull up order docs that I had already used for other accounts. Never the less there was much redacting and editing of those pdf's and the final result was a set of documents in the printer just waiting to be signed.

My other dilemma was creating the second set of documents that I wanted to email to the client for the order I received a verbal for on Friday.  That was a $15K order and I wanted to send the docs super early to give the DM enough time to sign and email back to me. It was about 9AM when I finally had access to my CRM and I was able to complete 50% of the order docs. It was then off to my 10AM appointment.  There's just no way you can be late for signing orders with a client.

The 10AM meeting was my second on-site meeting in recent weeks. The meeting was another masked event and after some great conversation with the client I was back at my home office by 11AM.  Once I arrived I had to tune into our weekly TEAMS meeting.  Thank goodness we ended a little early today.

All I could think about was if I would get the documents signed and emailed back to me before the end of the day.  The thoughts of,  did my client take an extra day for the holiday, did I sent the docs too late and were there other pressing matters or maybe there was a change of mind. Funny how all of these thoughts process in a few seconds when you don't have ink in paper.

It was around 12PM when I finally sent the docs, now the waiting game begins. I started with processing the the docs from my 10AM meeting which took a good 30 minutes.  Just about 1PM I checked my email and there it was the second set of signed docs and the order that put me over $200K for the month!

Never have I had such a month in my 40 years of doing this. For May I processed eight or nine orders, placed 14 units, 12 of those devices were sold in the AEC market and a net new in a CRD.  Thus this month made up for the first four months of the year which were terrible.  Coming into June I'm thinking I'm one month ahead now in my annual quota. 

In the past I would have maybe taken a couple of hours and enjoyed the accomplishment, but today I took a different road.  If I can do $200k in a month, why can't I do it again?  The funnel is somewhat there, and continued prospecting will only increase the funnel right?  Why not try and do it again I thought.

After making sense of why not I dove right into to a $40K opportunity and started the wheels in motion to move it down the road. 

The month of May is over for me, the accolades are over and I'm back to only being as good as your last month.

Goals for June is to add $100K in opportunities, take a day off and goal fishing when the weather is spectacular and look under every rock for an opportunity.

End result for May:

  • I never thought it couldn't be done
  • I never gave up prospecting
  • I worked my tail-off
  • Some times you are in the right placed at the right time
  • I was patient and let the ball travel with some clients
  • I planted seeds early in the month with clients
  • I still love what I do

-=Good Selling=-

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