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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Fifty-Five of Sales


I think we're going to make to an entire quarter of working remote in New Jersey.  Phase two is schedule to start in two weeks (ten business days) and will be phased in over the next 4 weeks. As I said yesterday I don't see us opening up completely until Labor Day.

Tonight I was on the phone with my good friend Jesse Harwell, he's the owner of Pahoda Imaging along with Perfect Copier. He tells me he's outfitted a really cool van and is taking a road trip east in 30 days.  He wants to visit copier dealers and then write content about every dealership he visits along the way with his final destination as Lynchburg, Virginia.  Kind of like an Anthony Bourdain show but with copier dealers. If you're interest in visiting with Jesse and having some excellent content posted please hot the reply section and tell me.

Today was super busy with three appointments and one internal sales meeting.  It was actually four meetings but my 9:30AM bailed on me.  Still don't know what happened since they did not respond to an email. Tomorrow they will be getting a call.

I was speaking to someone in the industry today can't remember who but we got on the subject on me retiring soon.  Yikes I said "I'm having so much fun with this that I could go another ten years!".  I still can't believe I said that and it just goes to show you when you're on a roll all is well in the sales world.

My second appointment of the day secure another verbal for a small color A4 device, not a bank breaker but every little bit helps to get me to my next goal.  Yes, I set a goal for the quarter and that goal is $300K.  I've got a decent shot since I booked a mere $18K in April, $203 of course in May thus I need to reach $80K for the month.  It's out there in the funnel, I just need to continue to make **** happen and not wait for things to happen.

My verbal for the other color A4 order from yesterday produced no docs today.  I did follow up with an email but nothing yet, I'm not going to sweat it and let the ball travel for another day or so.

I finished up another closing email to the wide format client today and researched another existing client and sent an email requesting a meeting.   Thus I added one new opportunity for about $14k that could close in the next 90 days. My last appointment of the day was with another existing account that needed some TLC.  The meeting went well but not well enough to get the upgrade at this time.  They want to go back and huddle with our offer and a competitors offer, I'm thinking this deal for two A3 color mfp's is maybe 50/50 at best.

Phone calls?  How did I do today, frak maybe another 10. I don't mind the 10 calls because I was busy with research and proposals.  The last couple hours of the day was spent finishing up a proposal for a $30k net new.  A late email requesting another meeting to review went unanswered but I'm sure I'll have something back tomorrow.

Funny thing today my wife asked me to take a personal day to go to our beach in today. I'd like to go but I've for working lunch chat with Greg Walters schedule for Noon and then another appointment for 3PM.  Yes, I bugged out and told her Thursday is not going to work.

There's only 15 days left in the selling month.  It's funny how in the beginning of the month I'll use "only" 15 days left and towards the end of the month I'll use "still" have x amount of days left.  Pretty much half empty attitude to start the month and half full to end the month.

-=Good Selling=-

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