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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Fifteen of Sales


Yup, it's now been three solid weeks since I was optioned to the remote workforce. 

Look at that it's 8:35PM and I'm early for writing these blogs.  Hoping that means I'll get a nights sleep.

Let's see tonight I'll start with some numbers.  About forty calls made to mostly current clients, then another thirteen emails to those clients. One appointment (MS TEAMS), one share Stratix Linkedin thread, one shared Stratix Facebook thread and three Linkedin inmails.  Opportunities developed stands at one.

After lunch we had a mandatory webinar that went a little over ninety minutes.  At 2:45 I went back to the prospecting a bit and then switched over to scheduling additional calls for Tuesday and Wednesday.

It was about 3PM when I received my only call of the day.  The call was from an existing prospecting that had gone silent for the better part of two months.  After about 15 minutes of chatting I had my first order since I was optioned to work at home. It was a purchase and a decent one at that. I was so excited that I forgot to add the delivery cost to the copier and I wasn't go back to change. I'll let stand for what it is.  Ten minutes later I had emailed the documents that I needed signed and the request for the copy of check.

By the time I looked up it was 3:30PM and time for our NJ branch TEAMS chat. I'm starting to enjoy these more and more each day, this working alone crap is for the birds.  The TEAMS meeting allows all of us to chat about our day, compare notes and adds that virtual social aspect that we all need.

Four PM came around pretty quickly and it was back to work. At 4:15PM I sent another email to the prospect asking if they received the documents.   At 4:20PM I was getting a little nervous, and at 4:30 I ad a call from the client stating the document I sent her was really "tiny".  I was not sure what they meant by "tiny", thus I went back and checked the pdf file. Well it seems that I took the that letter size doc and pdf'd it to a 30x42 document! Couple of  minutes later I had the revised documents to them.

It's now 5:15PM and no signed order, no copy of check and I figured this was going until tomorrow.  A few minutes later my prospect called and asked if I received those docs.  Told then I didn't and what email did you send them to? Alas those docs were not sent to the right email address.  Five minutes later I had everything I needed.

Now I'm on a roll!  One in the books and a lot of time left in the month.  Maybe just maybe I can do this.

-=Good Selling=-

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