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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Eighty-Three of Sales


Only 5 more days for four full months of selling days that I've been working remote.

You may have noticed that I've been skipping a couple of days here and there with blogging on this series.  I had no idea that Covid19 would last in to the summer and usually my summers mean less posting of blogs and more time spent enjoying the great weather.

Just a short recap for Friday. I was able to secure two orders for two net new companies.  However the revenue fell short of what I was hoping for. With less than two weeks left in my month I'm starting to feel the pressure of hitting my monthly goal.

Today was spent  traveling to two accounts which were at opposite ends of the state.  One in lower Monmouth and the other in North Jersey.  I'm thinking I logged close to 200 miles of driving today.  By the time I got back to my office office it was 2:30PM and I needed a short break for lunch. 

By 3PM I was able to start making some dents into the early morning emails and within an hour I had those cleared up.  The last part of the day was spent with my third appointment of the day for a tele chat.

That last appointment was interesting to say the least.  The company is a consulting group in the healthcare industry.  For years they've been using an hi-speed color A3 Ricoh and now that device is approaching seven years of age.  Seven years is a long time and since it was a purchase there is no trigger for the upgrade.  Print volumes during COVID for them are down big time! In fact over the last five months the print volume is next to nothing.  But as we've learned to adapt during COVID this client has also redefined their process with printing.  More virtual meetings mean less print, less print will mean a smaller color device in the future.  This is our new world for many accounts.

One of my other net new prospects is suppose to be making a decision tomorrow on which vendor they will choose.  Four years ago I was second and second sucks. I found out on our last meeting then that I was the first choice four years ago. However one of the VP's did not want training outside of their office.  This lead to the client staying with their current vendor for another 4 years.  With this account this is the third time that I've been in the mix and just praying that the third time is the charm with this account.

So far July is sucking wind, I need one of my big hits to come through or it's going to **** show of smaller deals.  Look for another blog on Wednesday of this week.

-=Good Selling=-

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Always motivating to read your posts Art and to appreciate the grind.  We're all in it together, the way things look now, for a while longer yet.  200 miles is a good bit of distance for two appointments, I bet you're wishing you had some time or it was socially acceptable for some cold/warm calls in between!  

Don't let the blog rule you, enjoy the weather and what helps keep you calm!  Have a great rest of your week!


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