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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Eighty of Sales


Geesh eighty work days now since I've been optioned to working from home.  In eight days we'll hit the four month mark of work days.  A third of the year spent working from the home office.  Guess I'll need to ask my accountant about this one for 2020 tax time.

One of my favorite sales expressions is "another day another dollar", in New Jersey another day means a new executive order from our Governor.  Today good ole Murphy signed an executive order that a mask is required outdoors now.  Something to the effect that if you can't social distance no matter where you are you are now required to wear a mask.  Violations can be subject to up to $1,000 or six months of jail.  Thus if I'm alone in a park or walking my dog I'm okay, however if someone gets withing six feet of me we need to mask up.

After speaking with my wife we both agreed that we will not be going anywhere this summer.  No beach, no boardwalk, no dining, no parks we are staying home because we want no part of being masked in summer heat and humidity,  In addition I believe the New Jersey economy will take a bigger hit than it already has. If we're going to stop going places then I'm sure many others are in the same camp as the wife and I.  Tourism is big in New Jersey with our beaches, parks, amusements and boardwalks.  People like me and my wife deciding not to go anywhere will mean we'll be spending less.

Today was smokin hot! I booked four additional appointments for today and one for tomorrow. I was off on Monday thus between yesterday and today I've completed eight appointments with another four left in the week.  In addition I was able to put checks marks (touches) next to seven opportunities.  Yes, I keep two paper pads on my desk and yes I still write notes.  One is for opportunities and the other is for my things to do list.  It's all about having that visual goal right in front of me that keeps me on pace to complete the tasks.

I did receive a verbal today for a net new A3 color, this account got hot last week during vacation.  However the order won't be signed off in until after the 23rd of this month, which means August for me.  This deal was kind of funky too since it was a non Authorized Dealer trying to sell a Ricoh device.  The cost per page for black was .006 and the color cost per page was .045.  Which brings me to cost per page.  I would say on average for A3 mfp's I'm seeing under a .01 and .039-.050 for color on a daily basis.  Can't remember the last time I saw or heard of a quote for .075 for color.  

Late in the evening I also received an email from another account that they could order if I was able to help with the price. Docs are going out for this account tomorrow. That one net new that I was working on for the better part of five weeks will finally come home to roost tomorrow. But it's not going to be for the three devices that we planned but just one. With the other two coming in the next 90 days. At this point in the month I'm sucking wind with one small order. I'm hoping by the end of day tomorrow to be somewhere around $15K for the month.  See what happens when you take vacations!

I guess the only saving grace is that I have two additional net news that could order by the end of month for a total of $70k.  But there also the chance I could lose both. I do have a handful of smaller opps working also.  There's eleven selling days in the month which means I'm at the 50% of the month to go or 50% of the month left.  

I had a talk with a dealer owner in the mid-west last night.  They are a traditional copier dealer in a major market.  I asked how things are and I was told sales are so so at best.  I made the recommendation that they move to focus on essential businesses that are open and still busy.  That list included healthcare, municipalities, construction, architects, and engineers. I'm sure there are others but my stakes have been planted for the last four months in those types of accounts.

Tomorrow means more hard work and some prospecting.

-=Good Selling-=

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