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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Eighty-Nine of Sales


COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Eighty-Nine of Sales

My day started at 5AM with a short trip to my back yard to see the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean.  I was attracted the hues of orange, purple and blue that was getting ever so bright to the east.  After 45 minutes it was time to get ready for my 7am appointment.

I arrived early and met with the decision maker as we both kept a six foot distance. I did the measuring, took the pictures, check the electric and it was time for a short chat on how the order would progress.  Nothing surprises me anymore as I was thrown a curve ball about remote printing in a less than favorable network environment.  We left the meeting with the understanding that I would secure the additional information needed and we were scheduled to chat at the end of the day to finish things up.  I made the call around 4PM and my DM did not answer, of course I left a message with a sense of urgency since there are only two days left in the month.  I'm not sure what the hold up is but I need to track this tomorrow and get the order in the books. I hate stuff going to the last minute.

At 11AM we had a weekly sales meeting via MS Teams an by Noon it was time to take a lunch break.  My lunch break was a hard boiled egg, bottle of water and 45 minutes in my back yard enjoying the heat.

I was also hoping for signed docs back from another order today, however that contact person was not in the office today.  She did reach out to me and stated the documents would come tomorrow.  More waiting

It was about 2PMish when I heard from my net new 58K opportunity and the thought was we were going to meet tomorrow.  When I emailed to verify the time I was told that Thursday is now better.  Frak, Thursday is the last day of the month!   Looks like I'm stalled for 24 hours and the next two days should be interesting.

My fourth potential order was an email back and forth for most of the day.  Mostly focusing on pricing where I held my ground on price, the client then asked for lease pricing. I supplied that and made a few recommendations for the financing.  Late in the day I get another email with another four or five questions along with the client wanting a year warranty.  I held my ground again, then pounded on the send button and we'll see what happens tomorrow.

If all goes well without the 58K deal I should sit at $35K for the month and that's not a good month in my book.  However considering it is summer and we are still in the thick of a pandemic I'll take it.  

The wild card is the noon appointment on Thursday.  I presented two options of course I'm hoping to bring home the one device.  The plan is to go in prepared for the virtual meeting, in advance I will have both lease, order and maintenance agreements docs ready to go.  Once the verbal is given the email will send along with a plea for them to come back signed before the end of the day.

II managed maybe a handful of calls today and finally after three weeks I caught up with an existing opportunity for 9K.  By the end of our meeting the opp was turned into $40K and looks like August business.

More work to be done 2 days left means the month isn't over yet.

-=Good Selling=-

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Art, wish I was as close to the beach as you!  We're counting down the days until mid-August when we've got our OBX vaca planned.  So soon, yet so far away!  


Today's post mentions your further qualification / inspection of the installation site.  This is something that so many (myself included) sometimes fail to do.  The manufacturers sometimes throw a kink into the works with the power.  For example Canon's iRc5535/5540 require a 15 amp plug while the iRc5550/5560 require a 20 amp plug.  Just recently I upgraded a customer from the 35 to the 50 and this fact slipped my mind.  It was easily remedied but how often is this happening out there.  With riggers sometimes being needed and finishing being added, qualifying and/or inspecting the installation space from parking lot to final destination is something all sales reps in our industry should be a little smarter about.  The upfront inspection and readiness goes a long way on delivery day.  


Good luck on the rest of your month!


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