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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Eight of Sales


There's no light at the end of tunnel.  My thought is that the tri-state area will peak before the other parts of the country, thus while we're going down other geo areas will still be fighting the battle.

If someone asked me to guess, I'd guess that we're another three weeks away from the lock down being lifted.  Think about that..., that would be make it six weeks!  That's more than ten percent of the year and I still have weeks of vacation to take.  Hitting numbers is going to be a challenge, but those of us that are pro's are always up for a good challenge. 

I had a short teleconference at 8:20am, not an opportunity but something I need to clean up.  By 9AM I was ready for my first MS TEAMS with our crew.  I'm kinda liking this TEAMS thing, but as with anything new there's going to be a learning curve.  One of my takeaways from that meeting is that sales needs to be the power house.  I mean, we have nothing to do but plan, soft prospecting and get better at our craft. I believe we'll also have some banner months in the second quarter.

After our meeting which lasted about an hour it was time to finish up some tasks that I didn't finish yesterday.  The most important task for me was to finish loading another 30 email addresses for my contact contact drip campaign.  The next item on the list was to further jot down the content that I want to send.  By the time I was finished I was able to plan the content, and the dates for the next three weeks.

Next item on my to do list. Yes, the to do list, how many of you actual create a list of things to do every day. If you do, you know that the list never ends, but you also know that you'll complete all of those tasks and never forget a task.  This is something all of the Pros' do. 

Next was to plan out the content for my internal emails for my top accounts. Whats going to be the subject line, and then the content for the next three weeks. 

By 3PM I was ready to tackle a few additional emails to clients and those were the "hope you are well" subject matter. We need to let our clients know that we're open for business.

The last hour of my day was to do some addition research on two sales tools that are free.  One is Eventbright which Greg Walters mentioned on our chat and the other is Vidyard.  EventBright gives me the ability to have a registration page for my Zoom meetings, thus I can capture those email addresses. After capturing I plan to put them in my CC drip campaign. Vidyard is a tool that allows you to put a video in a email. Yes it sounds cool, I need to check it our more and I guess I'll have to shave before my first video. 

I found Vidyard from one of my contacts on Linkedin. I need to thank Stefan Christensen for this one.  He posted a thread on linkedin, tagged me and tagged me with a nice comment out the chat we had the other day.  I thinking another good person for peeps to follow.

That's all for now, it's late and I need to turn in.  Tomorrow? I'm going to play it by ear.

-=Good Selling=-

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