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COVID19 Remote Working at Three Hundred Days of Selling Copiers


COVID19 Remote Working at Three Hundred Days of Selling Copiers

It's been eight days since my last blog and tomorrow marks three hundred business days of working remote since March of 2020.

Jersey is just about wide open at this point however we are the only state in the continental US that still has a mask mandate and social distancing for indoor activities.  The only other state with mask mandate is Hawaii.


May has been kind of up and down and with three days left in the month I may end $5 or $6k short of my monthly quota.  A good thing is that there's still more than 10% of the month left.

The month has been somewhat frustrating since one large existing account has decided the get lost in the weeds for the last three weeks.  Emails, calls and nothing seems to get them to poke their head out for a chat.  Patience.....I keep telling myself that because sooner or later something will happen.  One of the good things that came from this week is that another existing account that went into the weeds for four months made an appearance and I was told they need asap 5-7 A3 color MFPs.  That's a nice one. We'll see if this can come to fruition before the month closes on Monday the 24th.  So far crickets for the last 24 hours.

Now if just if I could get both of those well that would be a nice way to end a so so month.


The past three hundred days have been a long long journey during COVID19.  I know the blogs have tailed off as of late and I guess the reason for that is two fold.  One it's almost summer time again and I do love my summers and the other is because with the transitioning to a post COVID19 era, I've been more active with in person meetings.  In addition I've actually populated the NJ office for a couple of days in the last two weeks.

I couldn't have done this without many of you.  The zoom chats, the phone calls and the emails helped me make it through one of the toughest times our industry has ever faced.  It will be interesting to see the changes now that we're in a post COVID recovery and I'm sure I'll have something to write about the changes that I'm seeing in the field.

Special Thanx

I guess the first person I need to thank is my dealer principal, he's the one didn't cut staff and believed in his people. To him I owe a heartfelt thank you because if I had been furloughed who knows what the next step would have been.  Next is my VP of Sales, he has that no quit mentality like me and helped me believe that if you have faith you can accomplish anything.  Guess what?  We accomplished EVERYTHING!

Greg Walters our early zoom meetings were the bomb and I know we both helped each other and others as well. John Anderson, what can I say I love John like a brother and our consistent chats kept the juices flowing.  Larry Kirsch, the old veteran that knows more than me and I'm still learning from him.  Dayna Karron, what can I say but I wish I could be more like her. We had an early Zoom call in early April about the use of Linkedin and what I learned (can you believe I'm still learning) helped so much. Chris Pierson, was the only guy I could chat with that understood what it was like in Jersey for the past 300 days.  Gonna miss Chris because he's transitioned out of the industry.

Eddie Jones, Jason Habbal, Monte Jensen, Deon Beshoff, Joe Escamillia, Frank Vasquez and everyone else that attending our early zoom calls was amazing.  Having the ability to talk about our markets and what's working or not working was key!

Martin Hoffman (Copier Store), Chris Polek (Polek & Polek), Brent Martin (Arlington), Brett Apold (Arcoa) our calls and zoom chats helped me to understand what was happening with our vendors.  Funny story with Chris it was in mid February that we did a chat about COVID19  in China and how that might affect our supply chain.  It's 300 business days later and there are still major supply chain issues!  Guess Chris and I knew something but never thought it would be this bad.

To my wife, one amazing women that puts up with my crazy ideas, my workaholic attitude and ADD, Could not have gotten through this without you dear.

The End

At 300 business days I'm calling this blog series a wrap.  I can only hope that I've helped someone along the way and if I did it makes all 300 days something very special.

-=Good Selling=-

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