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Copier Territory Move "What Would You Do?"

Below is a question I received via email the other day.


"If you had the opportunity to move to a better territory, is it better to move or stay and grow your current territory?"


This is a great question, right?


I guess there's much to consider if a territory move is presented to you.  I may not be the right person to answer that question and I'm hoping others may be able to place a comment to this blog post.


I've been growing my territory for more than 33 years.  Yes, all of that time in one county in NJ with additional referrals outside of the county from time to time.  I've never been offered a new territory, however there have been times when the thought crossed my mind.  New roads to drive down, new business parks to cold call, and probably best of all the chance to do something that I haven't done before.


You asked "If you had the opportunity to move to a better territory", if better territory means more house accounts along with more accounts that would have multiple MFP's and printers. I would tend to think that you really need to consider the offer.


Keep in mind that some of these larger accounts that have multiple systems (higher end systems) maybe harder to crack than the smaller accounts. Over the years it's been easier for me to get a meeting with Mr. or Mrs Right with smaller sized businesses (5-35). I've found that once I make that jump to 35-75, the time that it takes to get the appointment with the Mr. or Mrs. Right is increased substantially.


What I like best about my territory is the fact that I can talk about many success stories and satisfied clients. In most cases these new prospects know of or have a relationship with many of my accounts. That's a great resource for me and it would be hard to give up. Plus the fact that I'd be pissed that some other rep got my old territory and was getting easy upgrades from all of my hard work. 


With out additional info I'm not sure if I can help with additional advise. Please keep in mind that if you are self motivated, and love a challenge the move to a more fruitful territory could reap some awesome rewards.


Would love to hear some other comments!


-=Good Selling=-





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