Copier Quoting Tool Could Add Weeks of Selling Days Every Year


Usually I take Friday nights (yah I know it's Monday) off from writing a blog. My Friday's are usually spent relaxing with access to my iPhone or PC, and watching Gold Rush and ZNation. 

I had a call from my buddy Jesse with Pahoda Imaging while on my way back to the office from an appointment.  Jesse is the smartest dude when it comes to marketing copiers on line. He's got his stuff down!

Jesse sends me this link to check out one of his copier sites that he's just built.  He told me that it took over a year to develop.  The site I was visited was AWESOME! It's a quoting tool for copier sales people. Whether you're a beginner, novice or and expert this Jesse's software can save a tremendous amount of time.

Where I work, we have some automation with quotes, but even I struggle when I need to present multiple quotes and or options. I had always wished there was a better way.

Time for me to generate pricing and a proposal is probably about 20 minutes for a finished product (ms word doc with company info, and graphics).  With Jesse's web based quoting tool, I can cut that time by 70% and also offer multiple options. 

On average I will produce 15 proposals/quotes each month.  With using Jesse's quoting tool I can save countless hours per month.  Using that software for a year would save me almost 48 hours and give me back a week of selling time.

Jesse's site is developed to make quoting copiers simple and easy. In addition the site delivers a high quality visual experience for the reps and the clients. I was amazed that I was able to develop a quote for three different copiers in a matter of minutes and not hours. I could then pick and choose options (options are good) and have the purchase price and or lease price (any term) pop up next to the option.

I was also excited that the quote could be sent directly to the client or downloaded for a hard copy.  The web version also allows the client to see a video of the product along access a link for the brochure and even an acceptance button to order the copier. 

I asked Jesse if he would be willing to show his copier quoting tool via webinar. Jesse agreed thus we have set three dates on our Print4Pay Hotel calendar. Time frame is going to be about 20 minutes and I'm guessing this will be one of the best 20 minute webinars of the year.  Keep in mind that the time we save on quoting/proposals allows us to spend more time prospecting and closing.

Here's the link for the Perfect Copier Webinar dates

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