Copier Industry Update 12/23/2018 (with comments from Art)


Xerox and Fujifilm battle update

- Fujifilm CEO. Shigetaka Komori, is interviewed by Nikkei Asian News
- Admitted that acquisition of Xerox has become “difficult”
- Claims that Fujifilm will be able to put its MFP division revenues on growth track even if it does not acquire Xerox
- “We have not given up on acquiring Xerox, but we will not take the initiative at this point. We are not going to try to persuade Xerox”
- “We are open to any proposals from Xerox”
- Is still demanding $1 billion from Xerox for calling off sale, and is waiting for court decision (if court rules that Xerox should pay Fujifilm $1 billion, it could force Xerox to sell out to Fujifilm)
- “We have no intentions of sweetening the financial terms of the January acquisition contribution. We will not consider a new acquisition plan from our side”
- “There are probably some Xerox shareholders who will not accept it without sweeter terms. It will be tough to convince them”

Note from Art:  Does anyone smell smoke?  Seems to me that Xerox may be toast.  Where will they get thier MFP devices from if Fuji cuts them off?

Xerox security vulnerabilities found

- Bulletin from company notified Xerox customers that the following Fujifilm-made MFPs and printers have a security vulnerability and need new firmware installed to fix issue:
o DocuPrint series of P288, M285, M275, M235, M268, P225, P265, M225, M265, P115, P118, M115 & M118 series
Xerox offers new solution app
- Xerox’s App Gallery (similar to Konica Minolta’s Marketplace) is now offering CapturePoint from Process Fusion Inc. of Toronto, Canada
- Is a solution that converts scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs, or MS Word or MS Excel files
- Pricing not announced

Note from Art:  Rumor has it that all of the FREE apps will be chargeable if and when a client calls in for support on that app

Xerox wins production print contract

- Award from John E Wright, a commercial printer in England
- Installed an Iridesse production color laser system with 6 toners
- Included silver and gold metallic toners

Toshiba wins BLI award

- Keypoint Intelligence, parent of BLI, announced it awarded a Pacesetter 2018-2019 award to Toshiba for the Logistics market
- Award given to Toshiba’s line of thermal barcode printers, and also:
o That its MFPs can print GHS bar codes
o MFPs have optional touchscreen overlay to shield from dust
o Digital signage for communicate key information to warehouse employees

Toshiba unveils control panel customization

- introduced its Elevate 2.0 copier/MFP customization platform
- cloud-based
- allowing Toshiba resellers to customize the user interface (UI) to match each customer’s needs
- allows clients to feature images and logos
- Elevate Composer includes a drag-and-drop style graphical UI with more than 40 workflow applications
- (competes with Konica Minolta’s Chameleon app)

Toshiba wins videowall contract

- Award from Pepperdine University of Calabasas, CA
- The twin 13’x6’ HD videowalls were installed at the university’s STAPLES center and lobby of its Calabasas campus.

OpenText makes another acquisition

- OpenText, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, announced it has completed acquisition of Liaison Technologies, Inc., a provider of cloud-based information integration and data management solutions
- OpenText CEO & CTO Mark J. Barrenechea stated; “The acquisition of Liaison extends the OpenText Business Network and Cloud leadership and provides new technologies for our customers to build application networks in the dynamic world of mobile, cloud, SaaS, and Omnichannel”
- will be integrated into OpenText Business Network, a suite of solutions that facilitate efficient, secure, and compliant information flows between people, systems, and things
- The purchase price is approximately $310 million in an all-cash transaction

Man arrested making fake $$ with color MFP

- Stephen Young was arrested by Duson, Louisiana police for making fake $100 bills using a color MFP
- “He came to buy Christmas products and when he came to pay me I found out the money was fake,” said Christopher Prejean, a vendor at the Jocky Lot who realized the man trying to buy his products was using fake bills. “This one when you looked at it it was faded.”
- Young posted a $25,000 bond and was released, but then officers learned that, while he was in the back seat of a Duson Police car, he allegedly removed several more fake $100 bills that he had hidden on him, and left them in the back of the car, Judice said.
- He was arrested again, and booked with one count of monetary instrument abuse for each bill, for a grand total of seven counts
- faces a mandatory minimum fine of $5,000 – with a possible maximum fine of $1 million, along with a mandatory minimum prison sentence of six months with a possible maximum of 10

Note from Art: JackAss Award goes to this guy

Ricoh launches “Tours” service

- 360° virtual tour solution
- ability to integrate floor plans and add tour paths allowing a walkthrough of 360° virtual tours
- available to view on the web, smartphone or tablet
- real estate agents are able to provide an overview of properties
- process is done via the Ricoh Theta 360 camera and mobile agent app (iOS and Android)
- pricing not announced

Microsoft implements new printing solution

- The Mopria Alliance, providing universal standards and solutions for print and scan, announced that Microsoft has implemented an IPP printing solution based on the Mopria standard, in Windows 10
- added support for Mopria certified printers
- When users install a new printer and Windows Update is not available, Windows will automatically install the Mopria certified printers
- eliminates the need for users to install any additional software or drivers
- guarantees that users will always have print capabilities as long as they are connecting to any of the 120 million deployed Mopria certified printers, including over 3,000 models
- lets users customize color, print quality, resolution, number of copies, duplex, paper size, page range, media type, orientation, input tray selection and output bin selection.

Sharp to have booth at CES2019 show

- Hon Hai Precision of Taiwan (aka Foxconn) announced that it Sharp division will have booth at upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada on 1/8-11/2019
- Will have on display and conduct demos on:
o 8K high definition smart TVs
o home appliances
o robotics
o sensors
o printers and MFPs
Epson launches new print solution
- unveiled new Epson Print Admin Serverless for Epson Workgroup MFPs and Printers
o user authentication through passwords, PIN codes, and card readers
o includes secure print-job release from any registered printer.
o IT administrators can manage user rights, apply print rules, and create usage reports
o manage devices remotely among users with the centralized Web interface
o enables logging and tracking of servicing, and notifications
o securely access and release jobs from the printer
o save jobs to certain printers for printing at a later time
o scan and send documents to My Email or My Folder
o Task tracker — built-in meter to count pages for print, copy, scan, and fax
o Job modifications — use the printer’s control panel for last-minute changes, such as number of copies
- also new version of Epson Device Admin solutions
o Automatic device discovery
o remote device configuration
o program timer to automatically check and update network and printer status, as well as provide firmware update notifications
o remotely identify and troubleshoot networked device conditions, track overall usage, create email alerts and generate custom reports
o Quick batch device configuration — transfer settings from one networked printer to the next during deployment or replacement
o customizable user interface — view and control all networked printer settings on a single screen, with an advanced ribbon and tab-based graphical user interface

Some toner cartridges are hazardous

- Digital Imaging magazine of Germany reports that some non-OEM toner cartridges tested contained elevated levels of decaBDE (decabromdiphenyl ether), a banned fire retardant
- This is a violation of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations
- Based on studies, the possible health effects of decaBDE in humans involve the liver, thyroid, reproductive/developmental effects, and neurological effects
- decaBDE will be forbidden after 3/2/2019

Dealer acquisitions

- Dumac Business Systems of DeWitt, New York, announced it has acquired Total Retail Solutions of West Monroe, Lousiana
- Both dealers focus on selling point-of-sale systems

Production label market to grow

- Smithers Pira published report showing label sector is worth $36.98 billion
- Growth will continue at an average rate of 4.1% per year up to 2022
- Will grow to $45.22 billion
- Currently, only 11% of all label volume is printed using toner or inkjet
250,000 printers and MFPs hacked?

Note from Art:  Been saying this for years, untapped clicks just waiting for us to take!

- “@HackerGiraffe” reported via Twitter that they successfully forced over 250,000 printers and MFPs to print out a message promoting Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, a famous YouTube video game commenter.

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