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Contex SD One Large format Scanner Spec Review

Every now and then, I'll get super excited about a new product.  This is the case with the new Contex SD One large format color scanner. Before I tell you what the BIG deal is, we'll roll through some of the specs for you.


The Contex SD One (24) has a maximum width feed of 26.2 inches (max scan width is 24 inches), while the Contex SD One (36) offers a maximum width speed of 36 inches (max scan is 36 x unlimited).  However, the SD (36) can accept a 40 inch wide document. Both systems come with Nextimage FREE and Nextimage TWAIN scanning software.


The Nextimage Free software offers:

  • Scan2jpg, scan2tif, scan2pdf, and scan2pdf/a
  • Automatic Image Quality for clean up and alignment
  • Integrated Image Viewer
  • Auto file naming
  • TWAIN Driver

There are three additional options for the system:

  • Optional Stand
  • Optional Nextimage SCAN & ARCHIVE
  • Optional Nextimage REPRO

So, What's the BIG Deal?


Right, first and foremost the SD One  (24) & SD One (36) is the first  true large format color desktop scanner.  Yes sir, the system is designed to save space, time and money scanning oversized engineering and construction drawings in house.


In, addition the weight of the SD One (24) is only 18.7 lbs and the SD One (36)comes in at 24.9 lbs which makes these two units truly portable.  Move them any where you want, plug em in via USB to a PC, and start scanning.


So, you want to talk price?  The MSRP for the SD One (24) is only $3,499 ($70 per month for a lease), and the SD One (36) MSRP is $4,666 ($92 per month). That's a pretty BIG deal if you ask me.


Dealer Value:


Think about all of those existing accounts that have stand alone plotters, now every existing plotter account could be a prospect for the SD One (24) or SD One (36).  Better yet, how many times did you get a call about a prospect that just wanted a large format scanner and you shied away because you were not knowledgeable on what model to offer?


The Contex SD One makes a lot of sense to position as an "add on", when a customer is looking for a plotter.  In addition you may have accounts that don't need to copy, or print large format, but, they do have the need to scan large format.  Personally, I can't wait to get a few of these in the field.


Need to know where to get one of these?  Contact AZON

Need to know more?  Contex SD One


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