Contex Launches New Video Series on the Keys to Successful Large Format Scanning


Videos Outline Four Critical Requirements for High-Quality Images and Exemplary Scanning Experiences

Chantilly, VA — January 30, 2020 — Contex, the world leader in large format scanning, today announces a new series of informative videos that share the keys to a successful large format scanning process. Comprising four short videos, Contex’s new series is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the essentials of large format scanning, from hardware and software options to productivity and image quality. The video series discusses the importance of producing high-quality scans and copies in a cost-effective, simple, and intuitive manner.

“Contex sets the industry standard in large format scanning, and these videos explain how and why we achieve this,” comments Steve Blanken, General Manager, Contex Americas. “In each video, viewers can see just how much our customers’ feedback is incorporated into every aspect of our scanners, making them the most efficient scanners available today.”

The Contex video series highlights the critical yet subtle features that make Contex scanners leaders in their class. For example, the size of the table where documents are inserted and the large-capacity input buffers help eliminate lag time between each scan — a notable benefit whether scanning a few or hundreds of documents at a time.

Additionally, the videos address the value of capturing every detail in perfect color. Viewers also gain an understanding of how productivity and flexibility go hand in hand. For example, shifting from one workflow to another is as simple as selecting a personalized software preset. Plus, automations for naming, rotating, removing background noise, and adjusting image quality can simplify the scanning process and even create copies better than the original.

Visit or Contex’s Youtube channel to see the video series. For more information, visit or email

About Contex

As the world’s leading developer and producer of large format imaging solutions, Contex leads the market with innovative technology and advanced scan and copy software applications. Sold worldwide in more than 100 countries, Contex solutions are recognized in a wide range of industries for reliability, value, high performance, and superb image quality. For more information, please visit

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