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Color Label Press University "Where to Find Color Packaging"


The turkey, provolone, onions, hot banana peppers and tomatoes sandwich had my full attention.  It was lunch time, I was starved since my wife had me doing this points for food thing.  Everything was no points except for the bread, and what the heck a little bread now and then isn't going to kill me right?

While reaching for my bottle of water I noticed I had no napkins, and being a polite eater I opted to search for the napkins instead of taking that first chunk out of my sandwich.  A quick glance around the restaurant and there it was, not the napkins but a beautiful stack of cardboard boxes.  I was truly in heaven!

There were twelve boxes in two stacks of six.  Each box was fully decked out with branding (the box was printed with color images) on all sides. After that wonderful distraction I was able to locate the napkins. I finished lunch and then proceeded to the counter to see what information I could get out of the employees.  I found out that the boxes were used for catering, and the location I was at used about 5 boxes per week.  I sat back down and looking up this company on the web and found that they have more than 2,000 franchise locations in the US.

Hmmm, I wonder if each franchise used 5 boxes per week per location. That's 10,000 boxes per week, 40,000 per month and almost a half a million for the year.  

Can you imagine the amount of ink that's used to imprint all four sides of the box? 

You might ask what I'm getting at right?  For a long time I've been harping about print migration and the need for dealers to follow the migration of print.  Those catering boxes is an excellent example of print migration.  


Alas, I have nothing to offer that company to either reduce their costs, or bring that printing in house (I did find out that all of these branded boxes are out- sourced).  But if you were a Dealer for Muratec America a Konica Minolta Company you'd be knocking on their door with information about the PKG-675i.

The PKG-675i is capable of printing on corrugated materials (boxes). I'm no expert with the PKD-675i yet, but I would beat dollars to doughnuts that this company is definitely a suspect.  I told another sales person the other day that more often than not, we are sales detectives.  It's our job to investigate and find out more about the suspect with the use of the branded catering boxes.  Leave not stone unturned and you may find that these branded boxes could be a revenue bonanza.

Next time you're out and about, keeps your eyes peeled for corporate branding for boxes and or labels. I'm a firm believer that niche printing devices can be the Holy Grail for those that want to grow their print business.

You can find out more about the PKG-675i here

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