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Color Label Press University "Where to Find Color Labels" Part One, Course Two


This blog will be an additional addition to our Label Press University.  We're going to go in alphabetical order to educate everyone on products & industries that use labels. 

About two months ago I counted all of the labels that were plastered on a Ricoh W3601 wide format MFP.  I believe the total ended up at 36 or so.  Labels are everywhere and the opportunities to place label presses are everywhere. 

AAppliances, Apparel, Automotive products, Agricultural products, Aerospace industry, Advertising agencies, Asset tags

BBeverages, Bottles, Boxes, Bumper stickers, Business cards, Bookplates, Beauty products, BBQ Sauce, Bakeries, Building materials

CCandy, Cars, Coffee, Candles, Copiers, Corporate branding, Copackers, Cosmetics, Commercial printers, Cartons, Cannabis, Chemicals

DDairy products, Discount pricing, Dog & other pet products, Day of the week labels, Distilleries

EEducational products, Electronic equipment and supplies, Essential oil products, Environmental notices, Emergency warnings

fFood packaging, Folders, Fitness equipment, Fragile packaging, Floral products, Fundraising giveaways, Furniture products, Farming products


GGlassware, Gifts, Games, Giveaways, GHS safety information, Grocery products, Gun labels, Gambling equipment

HHealthcare products, Household chemicals, Hazard warnings Handle with care, Hot Sauce, HVAC repair labels, Honey, Hardware products

iIndustrial chemicals, Industrial equipment, Inspection compliance, Instruction information, Inspirational messages

jJewelry, Jars, Juice bottles, Jeans and other clothing Journals, Janitorial products, Jellies and jams

kKids' toys and products, Kitchen products, Ketchup bottles

lLaboratory identification, Logo labels, Lotions, Laundry products Library books, Luggage, Lawn care products, Lighting equipment, Lumber products


mMenus, Mailers, Maintenance reminders, Makeup, Medications, Medical supplies, Meat products, Machinery, Motorcycles and accessories

nNutritional products, Nutraceuticals, Newspaper advertisements, Name tags, Nail polish, Natural gas products, Nursery/gardening products

oOffice equipment and supplies, Oil and gas products, Organizational products, Olive Oil, Ophthalmic equipment

pParking permits, Promotional products, Point-of-purchase signage, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum products, Private label products, Produce

qQR codes, Quantity indicators, Quality control, Quilting products Quarantine labels

rRetail Packaging, Railroad equipment, Recycling, Reorder notices, Repair labels, Restaurant supplies, Real estate promotions


sSpecialty promotions, Safety, Security, School spirit, Shopping bags, Sporting goods, Static clings, Soda bottles, Sauces and spices, Soaps

tTracking information Tradeshow giveaways, Toys, Trophies, Tamper-evident notices, Telecommunication notices, Tobacco products

uUpdates on sales literature, UPC codes, USB flash drives, Uniforms, Utility notices, University-related products or services

vVending machines, Varsity promotions, Visitor labels, Veterinary products, Vaping products, Vitamins

WWater Bottles, Warnings, Wine bottles, Wearables, Weight labels, Website promotions, Wedding favors or specialty items, Wholesale products

xX-ray machines and supplies, XL size labels, X-mas products

yYouth organization activities, Yarn craft products, Yard care products, Yachts and yachting accessories

ZZip code change notices, Zoo promotions, Zip tie labels, Zone labels


I'm sure there's some that we missed, please feel free to add in the comments section.

Still not sold on label presses?  If you get a chance pay a visit to a Dunkin Doughnuts franchise.  While you're waiting in line for you coffee, take a look at the entire store for labels.  Take a look at the machines, the counter, windows, doors, walls. The amount of labels is incredible.

Special thanx to Muratec America a division of Konica Minolta for helping me with this blog.  Interesting getting into the label press business? Call or email  Muratec America and tell em the Print4Pay Hotel sent you.

-=Good Selling=-


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