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Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part Eleven, Course One


Living and working in New Jersey is no easy task.  I've been doing that for the past 39 years in the same territory, some have said "who has it better than me?".  Well not me, even at the ripe old age of sixty-two I'm always looking for ways to increase my sales or knowledge of print.

What's really excited me the last couple of years is the huge opportunity that's out there for color label presses. 

At a recent food market, I noticed that every container of prepared food was accompanied by a color branded label for that food market. That food market has eight locations in the state and each location is using 25K of labels each month at each location.  I've seen the system they are using and could easily cost justify a change.  If you're tired of selling A4 & A3 devices with low margins I can only suggest that you spend a little time educating yourself on the market.

Label Press University

At the top of each blog you'll see color label press icon.  Clicking that link which is at the top of each blog will then bring you the collection of blogs for Color Label Press University.  It's pretty neat, you'll see all of the blogs that we've posted for an easier read and simple way to toggle from blog to blog.

Color Label Presses can be used as seeding devices in larger Print4Pay opportunities, or help that dealer or rep get a conversation going with an account where they have never had any traction with MFP's or IT services.  In addition, the competition is ripe for takeover.   Let us not forget about the GP!

The market for full color digital labels in huge and the potential to make some serious commissions is enormous.  BTW, isn't that why we're in this crazy business? 

Color Label Press University "Glossary for Pressure Sensitive Labels"  Course One (Sponsored by Muratec a Konica Minolta Company)


Gum  Reference to a broad class of synthetic and natural adhesive materials which exhibit good tack characteristics. See adhesive.
Hairline Register  Register within +/- 1/2 row of dots.
Halftone  The reproduction of continuous-tone subjects such as photographs through a contact halftone screen, which converts the image into dots with equal spacing and different sizes.
Halo  An undesirable, peripheral outline of a printed image. An undesirable, peripheral outline of adhesive around the edge of an applied pressure sensitive label (due to adhesive ooze or substrate shrinkage).
Hang Tag  A term used to describe fold-over labels generally used for product identification. These products usually 'hang' in the retail marketplace.
Hard Dot  A term that refers to a dot where the fringe or halo is so slight as to be barely noticeable and the dot is very sharp..
Haze  A degree of cloudiness in a plastic material.
Heat Resistance  The property of a material which inhibits the occurrence of physical or chemical changes caused by exposure to high temperatures.
Heat Seal  Labels Label paper that has a coating which melts under heat to form the bonding agent.

Heat Sealing
The process of bonding two surfaces together by healing the adherent surfaces so that the heat seal coating or film is
melted, thereby affecting an adhesion between the two surfaces. Pressure is often added along with heat.
Heat Sealing Adhesive An adhesive film applied to a substrate to be later reactivated by the application of heat.
Helium Neon Laser The type of laser most commonly used in bar code scanners.
Hickey  A piece of foreign matter in paper or similar defect. A burr or defect on the printing plate or engraving. Spots or imperfections in the printing due to dirt on the press, dried or lumpy ink, paper dust particles, etc.
High-Speed Unwind  A device used to accelerate the unwinding of a roll of labels on a high speed automatic label dispenser.
High Temperature Adhesive  An adhesive that will enable a pressure sensitive label to adhere or stick well when aplpied to a hot substrate. Its characteristic will be such as to have a high degree of resistance to aging or deterioration at the elevated temperatures.
Highlight  The lightest or whitest parts in a photograph represented in a halftone reproduction by the smallest dots or the absence of
all dots.
Holding Power  The ability to withstand stress, as in holding rigid label materials on small diameter cylindrical objects. Involves both
adhesive and cohesive strength and flexibility of the face material.

Hologram  The pattern on a photosensitive material or embossed into a polymeric film structure resulting from an interference pattern
created by a laser light striking an object, then merging with a reference beam of the same light.
Hot Melt Adhesives  Thermoplastic materials with 100% solids that liquefy when heated and resolidify on cooling to form a bond with the face sheet the adhesive was applied to and a pressure sensitive lamination which includes a release coated backing sheet.
Hot Stamping  An image producing method utilizing support film which carries a colored metallic substance which can be transferred using
heat and pressure. Most commonly used to create metallic effects.
Hue  In color, the main attribute of a color which distinguishes it from other colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue are color
Hydroscopic   The quality of some materials to absorb atmospheric moisture; exhibiting an affinity for water. ID Inside diameter.
Idler Rolls  Roller mechanisms on converting machines used to support, smooth or direct the web in its course of travel through a machine. Not driven.
IML  In-mold label.
Impregnate To saturate or permeate a material with a substance.
Impression The image transferred from the printing plate to the substrate or the adjustment required to affect the same. Impression Cylinder In printing, the cylinder on a printing press over which the material feeds to pick up the impression from the inked plate.
Impressions  Imprints generally caused by defect on core or bad splice, etc. Can show up for many feet on certain materials.
Imprinting  Technique in which changeable copy is added to blank or previously printed labels, tags, etc., with a secondary printing
device such as an imprinter, computer printer, typewriter, etc.
In-Line Press A press coupled to another operation such as sheeting, die-cutting, creasing, etc. A multi-color press in which the color stations are mounted horizontally in a line.
In-Mold Labels (IML) Special type of labels which are pre-applied to plastic bottles during the blow-molding operation.
Infeed Nip  A mechanism designed to control the forward travel of the web into the press.
Infrared  Type of heaters used for drying.
Infrared Light  Refers to infrared rays, the longer wave lengths below the red in the spectrum. Used as a source of heat.
Inhibitor  A compound (usually organic) that retards or stops a chemical reaction such as corrosion, oxidation or polymerization.
Initial Release A release test run immediately after coating and laminating.

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