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Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part One, Course One



Many of you know that I'm a huge fan of color label presses. It's my belief that Dealers & sales reps that add Color Label Presses to their arsenal can achieve additional heights of revenue and profit. 

Color Label Presses can be used as seeding devices in larger Print4Pay opportunities, or help that dealer or rep get a conversation going with an account where they have never had any traction with MFP's or IT services.  In addition, the competition is ripe for takeover.   Let us not forget about the GP!

Thus, I thought it would be a good time to schedule another blog series. I thought the first item of the course would ne focused on those terms that are most often used in the industry.  As you know, you can't be effective selling to any market if you are not speaking their language.

We're probably going to try and run this twice a week since there is so much to be covered.  Enjoy and please feel free to ask questions or comment.

FYI, it's funny how things go around in my late teens, I worked for a glue manufacturer.  There we manufacturer Pressure Sensitive Glue, it was the worst glue I ever worked with, could not wash if off with soap and water.  At the end of the week my work clothes could stand up on their own from all of the glue and starch that we used.

Color Label Press University "Glossary for Pressure Sensitive Labels"  Course One

(Sponsored by Muratec a Konica Minolta Company)

  • Abhesive:  A material that resists adhesion. Abhesive coatings are applied to surfaces to prevent sticking, heat sealing, etc.
  • Abrasion Resistance:  The inherent ability of a surface to inhibit deterioration by friction.  Also called 'rub or scuff resistance', it relates to the toughness of an ink or coating.
  • Abrasiveness:  The tendency of paper, coating or ink to abrade or wear aware die edges, slitting blades, printing type, etc., by friction
  • Absorbency:  That property of porous material which causes it to take up liquids or vapors.
  • Absorption:  The penetration of one substance into the mass of another.
  • Accelerate:  To hasten the natural process of an event or a series of events. This can be accomplished by using heat, fast drying solvents or by increasing the volume of air.
  • Accelerated Aging:  Procedures for subjecting pressure sensitive label stock to special environmental conditions in order to predict the course of natural aging.
  • Accelerator:  A material added to the a liquid compound to convert the whole mass into a solid or speed up its cure.  Accelerators differ from catalysts in that they participate in the reaction and lose their chemical identity as a result.
  • Acetate:  A plastic synthesized from cellulose dissolved in acetic acid which exhibits rigidity, dimensional stability and ink receptivity. Transparent or matte films, sometimes used for label stocks.
  • Acetate Film:  A clear film made from cellulose acetate.
  • Acrylate Resins:  A type of copolymer used in UV inks, adhesives and coating formulations.
  • Acrylic:  A general chemical term of a particular family of thermoplastic resins based on acrylic acid and its derivatives.
  • Acrylic Adhesive:  Pressure sensitive adhesive based on high strength, acrylic polymers.  Can be coated as a solvent or emulsion system.
  • Acrylic Emulsion:  A water=based latex made with acrylic polymers, used in coatings and adhesives.
  • Acrylic Ink:  Ink containing acrylic polymers used for printing on some plastics and other substrates, especially where outdoor exposure may be involved.
  • Adhere:  The sticking together of two surfaces by adhesion.
  • Adherence:  See adhesion
  • Adherend:  The substance or surfaces to which the adhesive is applied; the surfaces which are bonded together.
  • Adhesion:  The state in which two surfaces are held together by interfacial forces. Measure of the strength with which one materialsticks to another.


  • Adhesion Build-Up:  An increase in the peel adhesion value of a self adhesive material after it has been allowed to dwell on the applied surface.

  • Adhesion Mechanical:  Adhesion cause by the physical interlocking of the adhesive with base surface irregularities of the adherend.

  • Adhesion Promoter:  See primer.

  • Adhesion, Peel:  The measure of the force required to remove a material from another surface at a specified angle and speed, after the material has been applied under specific conditions.

  • Adhesion, Shear:   A measure of the time required to slide a specific sized area of pressure sensitive label material from a standard flat surface in a direction parallel to the surface. Weight and heat are sometimes used to speed up the test.

  • Adhesion Test:  Any of a varietv of test methods used to determine the adeauacv of ink, coatina or adhesive adhesion to a substrate.

  • Adhesion, Ultimate:  The mature or final bond achieved, under controlled conditions, between ink, coating or adhesive to any flexible or rigid substrate.

  • Adhesive:  A substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment.

  • Adhesive Bleed:  Adhesive ooze or flow from pressure sensitive label stock or labels as a result of cold flow; edge ooze, halo.

  • Adhesive Build-UD:  The transfer of adhesive from label material to machinery parts during conversion or application.

  • Adhesive Cold Temperature:  An adhesive that will induce a bond to cold surfaces in a cold environment.

  • Adhesive Deposit:  See adhesive residue.

  • Adhesive Film:  Thin layer of dried adhesive (1 to 3 mils) provided in dry film form, with or without reinforcing material, which is cured by means of heat and pressure.

  • Adhesive High Temperature:  An adhesive that will enable a oressure sensitive label to withstand sustained elevated temoeratures.

  • Adhesive, Permanent: An adhesive characterized by relatively high ultimate adhesion. Sometimes it can be removed when the degree of force used overcomes its bonding ability but generally it is not removable.

    "End of Part One"

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