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Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part Fifteen, Course One


As I walked in the building the smell of fresh iron, virgin plastic and ozone told me I was in copier heaven! I told David Clearman (Director of Marketing and PLS Sales for Muratec Amercia) that the smell of copiers was in the air! 

I was excited to take a tour of new KonicaMinolta CEC (Customer Engagement Center) in Ramsey, NJ and get personal with the PLS (Precision Label Series) PKG 675 and the awesome PLS 475i.  The PGK 675 is designed for printing onto corrugated material and the PLS 475i is designed for printing full color labels.  Both print devices the latest in memjet technology.

Nine percent growth for the label press devices and 22% growth for press packaging. Being such a hardware junkie this is music to my ears.  Just a wonderful hour and I encourage all dealers to take a deep dive into this lucrative opportunity.

Yes there is a reduction of print happening in the office. But if I was a dealer principal in the business of putting ink or toner on paper don't I owe to myself to expand my services?  The market is huge for digital label presses and digital packaging presses and there are more opportunities for net new clients than you can shake a stick at.  Think about this the next time you make a purchase and take a look at all of the ink and toner!

Label Press University

At the top of each blog you'll see color label press icon.  Clicking that link which is at the top of each blog will then bring you the collection of blogs for Color Label Press University.  It's pretty neat, you'll see all of the blogs that we've posted for an easier read and simple way to toggle from blog to blog.

Color Label Presses can be used as seeding devices in larger Print4Pay opportunities, or help that dealer or rep get a conversation going with an account where they have never had any traction with MFP's or IT services.  In addition, the competition is ripe for takeover.   Let us not forget about the GP!

The market for full color digital labels in huge and the potential to make some serious commissions is enormous.  BTW, isn't that why we're in this crazy business? 

Color Label Press University "Glossary for Pressure Sensitive Labels"  Course One (Sponsored by Muratec a Konica Minolta Company)


Non-Read Ink  Any ink with a sufficiently high reflectance to prohibit detection by an optical scanner. Non-read inks are used as visual guides that do not interfere with data reading.
Non-Returnable Core  Biodegradable. A disposable core composed structurally so as to make it suitable for one-time use.
Non-Volatile  Refers to the portion of an adhesive, coating or sealer that does not evaporate or vaporize at relatively low temperatures.
Non-Woven Materials  Usually refers to paper 'tissues' or synthetics like rayon.
Numeric  A machine vocabulary that includes only numbers as contrasted to alphanumeric which includes both letters and numerals.
Nylon  DuPont's trade name for a strong plastic film which has high oil and gas resistance; used a filament in strapping tapes, with high impact resistance.
Nyloprint  BASF's trade name for photopolymer plate material.
OCR  Optical Character Recognition. An information processing technology dealing with the conversion of imprinted or written data to another language and medium.
OCR-A   An abbreviation commonly applied to the character set contained in ANSI Std. X3.17-1974.
OCR-B  An abbreviation commonly applied to the character set contained in ANSI Std. X3.49-1975.
OD  Outside diameter of a cylinder, roller or roll of labels.
OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer. One who produces a component or components used in the making of a finished assembled product.
Off-Cut  That part of the trim width that is not utilized. Usually a narrow roll which is left over because the customer placed an order which does not utilize the full master roll width.
Off-Line  Refers to devices that operate independently of a large central processing unit.
Offset  A defect characterized by the partial transference of ink from a freshly printed surface to an adjacent surface, as that of another sheet, film or the backing paper in a roll. Also the accidental transfer of ink from the idler or other rolls in a press to the web.

Offset Paper  A paper designed for use on presses with general characteristics to resist distortion from stretching or shrinking, freedom from fuzz and a smooth surface which will take ink evenly without 'set-off'.
Offset Powder  A fine mist of powder sprayed between two sheets of stock during the press run to prevent the moist ink of one sheet from offsetting onto the back of the succeeding sheet. Also used as a slip additive to assist stacking.
Offset Printing  A process of indirect printing in which an impression of type or a design on a plate is printed on a rubber blanketed cylinder from which it is impressed, I.e. offset upon the surface to be decorated.
Offsetting  Describes the unwanted transfer of ink from one printed surface to another surface.
Olefins  A group of unsaturated hydrocarbons of the general formula CnH2n, and named after the corresponding paraffins by the addition of 'ene' or 'ylene' to the stem.
Oleo Resins  Semi-solid mixtures of the resin and essential oil of the plant from which they exude, and sometimes referred to as balsams.
Oleoresinous  materials also consist of products of drying oils and natural or synthetic resins.
Oligomer  A chemical compound whose molecules consist of a group linked monomers. This is a compound intermediate in size between the single monomer unit and the huge polymer molecule.
On-Line  An operation in which peripheral devices are connected directly to the computer central processor.

One Component Adhesive  A pressure sensitive adhesive in which all of the necessary properties are derived from a single uniquely designed synthetic
Ooze  Adhesive moving out of ends of rolls or stacks of sheets causing ends to feel sticky and possibly causing material to block. Adhesive cold flow.
Opacimeter  The instrument with which the degree of opacity may be measured.
Opacity  The measure of the amount of light that can pass through a material. The hiding property of an ink film; property of film allowing printed material to show through in varying degrees.
Opaque Ink  An ink that is not transparent and reflects only its color regardless of what colors it overprints.
Opaqueness  The degree of opacity.
Operating Range  The sum of a scanner's optical throw and depth of field.
Operating Side  That side of a label press on which the printing unit adjustments are located. Opposite of driving side or gear side.
OPP  Oriented polypropylene.
Optical  Relates to the utilization of light. Sometimes involves the use of light sensitive devices to acquire information.
Optical Character Reader An information processing device that accepts and processes machine or hand written characters.
Optical Throw  The distance from the face of the code reader or scanner to the beginning of the depth of field.
Opticite Film Trademark of a label film supplied by Dow Chemical (polystyrene type).
Orange Peel  Rough coating causing an 'orange peel' appearance. See mottle.
Orientation  The alignment of the crystalline structure in polymeric materials so as to produce a highly uniform structure. Can be accomplished by cold drawing or stretching during fabrication. Also, the alignment of bars and spaces to the scanner.
Original  The material that is required to be reproduced in the printing process. Usually a photograph, transparency, art, artist's

If you'd like to learn more about what it takes to sell Label Presses please reach out to me or Gregg Ross Director of Sales for Muratec US
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