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Canon TZ 30000 Wide Format Video is a Bit Deceiving

I believe I captured this video off Linkedin. I'm familiar with print speed and if you look at the amount of prints that exit compared to the seconds that elapse the is no way that this printer prints at the 100 "D" size pages a minute. In fact Canon states the black print speed is 4 "D" per minute.

Watching the video and counting the seconds one would lead to believe that it prints one per second.

Of course we know this is not the case, but what about the client/user that is not familiar with the these devices and the print speeds.

It's a nice machine, however I believe either they the real speed of the prints in the video or don't show the print speed at all.

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It does print 4 “D” size (24x36) per minute on A5 print mode. This is what I would call a hyper draft mode only found in the Direct Print Plus file submission software I believe, however most users will prefer the A4 mode avail. on all print drivers which is closer to 3 “D” per minute. Some will put in two of these units for more production level capacity. With its low acquisition and operating costs it is a very compelling product and good print speed for a majority of users.

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