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Can a Digital Copier Scan to Dropbox?

Most copiers do have this capability now, in most cases when purchasing or leasing a new copier you'll need to purchase some type of app in order for the copier to access your dropbox account.


Depending upon the manufacturer and the service offered you may also have the ability to print documents from Dropbox, just make sure you check with your Imaging Professional first. 


With our Ricoh systems you'll need to purchase ICE (Integrated Cloud Environment) for about $240 per year.  You'll only be able to scan to a repository/folder, thus if you need to put the file in another folder you would have o log on to dropbox from your smartphone, tablet or PC and then manually move the file to the desired location.


What many uses may not realize, is that since dropbox sets up as a folder on your PC, you can point the copier to scan to the path of your dropbox folder on your PC.  You can do this without buying ICE and you can do this with older Ricoh MPF's that are do not support a web browser or Ricoh ICE.  I've been using this with an older Ricoh MPC4000 and it's worked perfectly for the last year or so.



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Great Post Art. Xerox have a DropBox app available for their new ConnectKey devices but the user has to buy a scanpack which cover X number of scans and has a 12 month shelf-life. The advantages of having it on the MFD as an App is that any user (e.g. at a college) can log in to their DropBox account and print or scan to / from their own account securely.

We've been doing the same as you and circumventing the charge or need for an app by pointing the scan to a DropBox folder on a desktop. The limitations are that there's no log-in verification to access the folder, you can't print from the folder. Some of these features can be set-up but it's not as simple as adding the App to the MFD.

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