BTA Grand Slam Event in Times Square NYC Less Than 30 Days Aways


Who loves the Big Apple, The Center of the Universe, The Capital of the World, The City That Never Sleeps, Gotham, The Melting Pot and Empire City?

All of the above are nicknames for New York City.  In less than 30 days BTA Grand Slam Event will be off and running in one of the coolest cities in the world.

More impressive about this years event is that the conference will be held in the heart of Times Square at the Times Square Sheraton.  Equally as impressive will be the spectacular evening event at ONE Mix/Dine, a bar and restaurant located on the 101st floor of One World Trade Center, on a mezzanine overlooking the public observatory.  This should be spectacular!  Kudos to Polek and Polek for being the ONE Mix/Dine Sponsor.

Another thing I like is the kick-off time of the event. Gran Slam event starts at 2:30 PM which allows everyone more than enough time to fly in, drive in or even take the ferry (that's me).  From 6:15-7:45PM you'll be able to attend the welcoming reception and have some fun time to chat with friends, associates and vendors.

Friday starts with breakfast at 7AM and it's off to the races with some really cool educational sessions, breaks and lunch.  The closing comments and prize drawings will start at 3PM.  Then later that evening all will e wised away to OE Mix/Dine for a incredible food and floor-to-ceiling views of Manhattan.

What's In IT For You?

  • Keynote Address by Chris Messina, technologist & inventor of the hashtag
  • How Dealers are Growing Net-New Business (dealer panel moderated by Darrell Amy and panelists Robert Hilyard, Samantha Lahey, and Harry Spaight
  • The Crucial Role of Sales & Marketing Alignment to Your Dealership's Future presented by my two of my favorite peeps from Great America, Lindsay Bohon amd Josie Heskje
  • Vendors Find the Urge to Merge Irresistible brought to you from Charles Brewer, president and founder of Actionable Intelligence
  • Highlights from the BPO Research Dealer Survey presenting is John McIntyre, senior analyst BPO Media
  • Cybersecurity-as-a-Service with John Suerth, Technology Assurance Group
  • Coaching for Results brings Brad Roderick to the platform from TonerCycle/InkCycle

I'm especially interested to hear about CaaS along with the billing model.  See even an old dog like me can continue to learn, adapt and change.  Change is good!

As with all BTA events, they can't happen without the vendors.  I know I'll be spending time with Polek & Polek, Arlington, Muratec, NEXERA who are all Print4Pay Hotel sponsors. In addition I'm making a special trip to go see my good friend Greg Walters that will be with TonerCycle/InkCycle to get a real good look at the ArcDrive.

Hope to see everyone there, there's still time to register! Register Here

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