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Better Call Art "The Start of Something New"


Better Call Art "The Start of Something New"

The pandemic is just about over here in the United States. Many of us are wondering what the post pandemic business environment will be like for sales. During the pandemic many of us had on the job training with how to use Zoom and MS teams to communicate, present and close business. For the most part we adapted, we made mistakes, we made adjustments and long run many of us became more productive.

What will be the post pandemic process for those of us in office technology sales? Will we continue to remain virtual, will we offer clients a hybrid meeting model, or will we go back to our pre-pandemic sales calls? Are prints falling off the cliff, will we see a return to pre-pandemic print levels, or is all the hype about office printing not true?

With a tenure of forty-one years in the office technology space and my Print4Pay Hotel (primarily with copiers), I've been able to establish relationships with some of the most tenured and talented office technology reps from around the world.

Our new "Better Call Art" videos offer up 15-20 minute video chats where we'll have an informative sales chat and ask those questions that everyone want's to know about selling office technology in our post pandemic business climate. For me it's all about sharing our knowledge and I believe that these chats will be offer up fantastic tidbits of information for newbies, rookies, novice and even tenured reps like my self. Yes, I'll be asking many of you to give up the ghost, and tell me those secrets that make you successful. In return you'll also get to hear from other tenured reps that may being doing something different but still producing results. In the end we can all get some takeaways from every chat with every rep.

It's my belief that that there's not enough of this peer to peer sharing in our industry. Yes, many of us may have sales coaches or our dealerships have contracted with "sales consultants", however it's my belief that if you haven't been actively selling office technology in two years then you're a dinosaur. We all know what happened to them.  Most consultants have no clue what's working or not working in the field.

Below are a couple of the questions we'll be asking.

1)  What did you do differently during Covid19 for finding net new clients?

2)  What are you doing now in a post COVID19 for finding net new clients?

3)  Are you chatting with your clients about MFP security more now than before?

In addition I'll be asking follow up questions during our chat. We've already completed two of these and our goal is to post one each week from here on in. From time to time I'll be changing the questions to reflect real time issues that we are facing every day.

Our first four "Better Call Art" videos are free. If you have a Premium Print4Pay Hotel membership then you're in like Flint because the new series is included with a premium membership. Premium memberships can be purchased for $117 per year through our site, we also offer lifetime Premium memberships for $399.

Keep in mind that my day job is still selling copiers, managed IT, content and backup. I'm in the trenches every day just like you.

Tonight we post our first Better Call Art with our group of seasoned and tenured reps from across the globe.

-=Good Selling=-

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