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Last Thursday I launched our first installment of Ask Me Anything.  For 2020 I was trying to think of something unique, different and not over played in the copier industry. In fact I know of no one or company that has offered this in our industry. Thus, why can't I be the first?

In our first installment I was able to connect with a somewhat new rep in the industry.  She was there to pick my brain on different ways and or rules of prospecting.  At this point in my career I don't have to prospect as hard as I used to because I've built that book of business.  However if you don't add net new business to your book each and every year it's just a matter of time before that book of business will dwindle to nothing.

Companies move, companies get bought, they go out of business, they merge with another business is just the tip of the iceberg on how those accounts can be lost.  This something you can't control even if you have great relationship with multiple contacts in the company.  One day they're here and then next day they're gone. POOF!

The same can be true of your contacts and decisions makers.  Retirement, the axe, moving to a new job with a new company and yes even death can be mixed into that equation of why x amount of accounts will be lost each year.

Years ago I was in to see a client about his wide format firm. In recent years he wasn't printing as much, in addition he was near the end of term for his lease. I remember this like it was yesterday, we met on a Friday afternoon at the shore.  We went over the remaining payments on the existing lease, reviewed what's new and then the pricing.  All was well, as I was writing up the paperwork I was happily mauled by the cutest little puppy that came in from his walk.  After a few minutes the papers were signed (back then we hand wrote the orders in front of the client), I thanked the client, gave the pup a pat on the head and ended my week. 

Monday morning I turned in my handy work and started working on the next deal. I guess it was about 1PM when I received an email that the leasing company was going to require a PG for this lease. I wasn't sure why since the last lease didn't need it.  I figured different leasing company equals different wants and needs. In a few minutes I called my clients office asked for Bill and I was met with a sorrowful answer that Bill had a heart attack(46 years old) and died on Sunday. True story, bad news for the family, the company and the puppy. 

Let me get to a brighter note.  On the Ask Me Anything installment I suggested several different ways to prospect rather than making phone calls.  I'll list a few everyone.

  • The six foot question, means that whenever you get withing six feet of anyone you'll engage with them and one question that you want to ask is what they do for a living. Followed up with who do you work for, what do you do, where are they located and then pop the question about what type of print devices they have and who the decision maker is.  Don't ask don't get.
  • Drive by Saturday, did you ever drive by an account that you cold called during the week on a Saturday.  Did you happen to notice if there was a car in the parking lot or not. Many times there is and who do you think that person is?  Ah grasshopper in most cases it is the head honcho, and what a great time it would be to stop in. It's mano e mano time!
  • Volunteer, some of us do and some don't, but if you're a newbie and looking to lite the up the sales board then volunteering at one of the largest charities in your county can reap huge rewards. Start at the bottom, work your way up to the board and you'll be rubbing shoulders with high end business owners who also like to give back.  Nothing better than giving back and meeting some of the top business leaders in your community.

Yup that's a few of the talk tracks we had that evening.  Every second Thursday of the month at 8PM (EST) until Memorial Day I'll be live on Zoom.  It's free, it's fun and remember to Ask Me Anything because I want to give back to you.

Here's the link for the next installment, make sure you RSVP (if you're not a member of this site you'll need to register, it's FREE), then hit the RVSP on the calendar and I will send you your invite. We're only taking 5 at time because our time gram is 45 minutes or so. Here's the link hope to chat with you soon!

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Sounds like I missed a good knowledge drop last week Art!  Had a pretty good excuse, but love the topics discussed!  I'm always learning and part of this ongoing learning is something from your blogs/emails that I throw in my knowledge bucket.  Keep it up and I appreciate what you do!

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