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Ask Art " How Can a Premium P4P Hotel Membership Help With My Sales"


Hi Art,

I am already a year in in the copier industry. It's interesting to know that membership includes qualified leads.

I like the idea but not sure it would work for my role. I am an Account Exec in California. I have zip codes assignment but normally restricted to SMB space which can be challenging in terms of sales goals - you meet decision makers who pull out money from their own pockets and deals are typically one off, leaving me little to no room for expanded offering.

I also used to subscribe to that gives you hint about business leases via UCC data -- but they are super outdated. So I stopped using them.

What's the price for Gold and how can it be effective for a low level sales professional like me?

Thanks for your time...


I see you're the bay area, we've had a few leads in your area. At this time. I don't have a Premium Member in your area, thus you would get those leads.
More importantly a Premium Member ship gets you access to the entire site.  
  • You can see price quotes from various dealers & direct, thus you can see how others are presenting their products and services. This is such a valuable tool!  Just from viewing these proposals you can find weakness and strength of that dealer or direct branch.
  • You get access to all of the RFP's & Bids in your area and in the Nation. Each week, I'll post up to 5-10 Copier RFP's
  • You'll have access to all of my Premium blogs that can help increase your knowledge of how to sell, prospect, and gain new accounts. To date, I've written more than 1,500 blogs related to the copier industry,
  • You have direct access to me and ask me questions about how I would handle a certain scenario to win the sale. Consider me your Virtual Sales Adviser.   
  • The ability to post a question in our Premium Members Only forum. Only the true professional will invest in their future and reap the rewards of collaborating with other successful Imaging Professionals. To date we have more than 300 Premium Members.
  • The ability to download all of the support/sales documents that I've created over the years. Helpful sales excel spreadsheets, articles on selling, and hundreds of documents that pertain to our industry!
The cost?  $117 for the year or you can get a lifetime membership for $399. Hope this helps and hope to read one of your threads on the forums.
BTW, I've been in down the street sales for copiers for 33 years, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge whenever I can

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