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A Summer Night Chat With Greg Walters about ArcDrive


If you follow industry press releases like me then you're aware that the King of MPS aka Greg Walters recently released his Arc Drive.  Yes, I was curious as to what is the Arc Drive and what does it do?

A few nights ago Greg and chatted about Arc Drive and below is how our chat went.

Art: Hey Greg, okay first question for you, where the heck is Oconomowoc, Wisconsin?

Greg: It’s in between Madison and Milwaukee in lake country. A quaint town, there are 12 bars within a square mile or so. I occasionally write about the town,

Art: Is an Indian word that’s used for your town?

Greg: Yes, that’s right.

Art: Do you know what that translates to in English, I’m betting it means land of managed print, right?

Greg: It means “falling waters” or something like that

Art: Cool, you never know what you’re going to learn from day to day. Your ArcDrive, would that be similar to a Datto box?

Greg:  You’re on the right track if you see the similarities. ArcDrive provides hybrid storage of documents and Datto provides hybrid BDR services. Today’s ArcDrive convergences three disciplines; advance capture, managed print services & intelligent workflow.

Art: So could a dealership that’s a little challenged with MPS increase their footprint/market share with ArcDrive?

Greg:  Yes I designed ArcDrive to help dealers defend the base, easily add income streams, and enhance monthly recurring revenue in MPS. ArcDrive is intended to bring in those devices most ‘down the street’ sales rep walk by everyday.

The idea is to embed managed print services with easy to use advance capture

Art:  Okay, I hear workflow tossed around a lot, what do you mean workflow when it’s comes to the ArcDrive?

Greg:  A great example is in Accounts Receivable. Imagine a local insurance agency, with five agents and one admin. As UPS delivers invoices, paper documents, etc., the admin will typically sort

Art: Is there a monthly subscription price for the client or the dealer?

Greg:  Dealer cost is extremely affordable.

Art:  Who is InkCycle?

Greg:  US based toner manufacturer out of Kansas. I’ve known the company and Brad for years.  They are obsessive about their customer experience, and eager to share a new story.

Art:  Alright, the DCA tool that you use, will it have challenges with windows updates like the other tools?

Greg: For two reasons: The DCA does not utilize .net, so upgrades to Windows have no effect.  More importantly, because the DCA resides on the ArcDRive, the risk of losing DCA connection due to inadvertently powering down, is reduced.

I thought this was awesome for Greg to do this for our members.  Greg thanx for the time and hoping we can connect sometime in the near future. If you have additional questions you can visit Arc Drive here and I'm sure Greg would be more than happy to chat with you.

-=Good Selling=-

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