A Halloween Tale of an A3 Copier’s Death


A Halloween Tale of an A3 Copier’s Death

As the copier homicide unit arrived, the scene was familiar. The office hallway barely lit the trash can next to the copier was laying on its side, the window was broken from the inside and when looking out one can see an A3 Copier laying smashed on the sidewalk below.

Recognizable by the owners manual still taped to the broken 11/17 paper drawer and the rainbow color on the sidewalk created by splattering CMYK toner. Yes, it appears there was another A3 Copier so humiliated by the A4 machine on demo it appears in leaped from the window.

The A3 rolled over to the window at the end of the hallway ripping its surge protector from the wall, and as it traveled towards the sidewalk below one could hear. “If only they did 11/17 paper I would have had value.”

So, if you wish to protect your obsolete A3 copier from leaping out the window.

Don’t allow it to see an hashtagA4 demo especially a hashtagLexmark hashtagA4 .

Instead replace your A3 machine late one Friday afternoon, and as it's loaded in the hashtagLexmark trade in truck tell it, it’s headed to an 11/17 farm. Unfairly I am sure a law firm will attempt to blame the A4 for being so exceptional it caused the A3’s death. If this happens I will update.

Ray Stasieczko

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All great comments, this the reason to change now if you still plan to be in this industry for another twenty years.  

I probably won’t be, but I still have a plan in place to make the shift to niche printing hardware devices. Still continuing to educate myself for the future 

How true!

And whats next? How long will it take before A4 will also be banned from the offices?

My opinion; As soon as Generation Z enters the office-floors (A3 and A4) print will (sooner or later) ‘disappear’.

Who's already preparing his business for this future?

What is even more scary is how your commission cheques will fall in $ value if you only sell A4 copiers.

The copier/printer market is not getting any larger and if a commission sales rep focuses on selling lower $ value A4 boxes, they are going to have to make a lot more sales calls and sell a lot more boxes to earn the same money.