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A Halloween Tale of an A3 Copier’s Death (Part Two)


Part Two - hashtagA4’s

Murder charges dropped in A3’s death.

Well, a few days ago we all heard of the apparent suicide of an A3 copier. The police report outlined that the A3 copier became so distraught over a new A4 its owners had on demo, it jumped from the office window.

Today there is an update. It seems that a local judge has thrown out all attempted charges leveled by an A3 manufacturer who believes the unfairness of A4’s capabilities and price points should have caused them to realize that A3’s would flee from hallways and could jump out windows.

Here are some points in the Judges 90-page opinion.

“The A3 manufacturer’s ignored customers desired outcomes; it wasn’t printing or coping on 11/17 size paper.”

“The A3 manufacturer’s are too Product-Centric, and must become Customer-Centric.”

“The A3 manufacturer's equipment takes three service calls to one on an A4 at like volumes.”

We reached out to the A4 copier/printer accused of killing the A3, the A4’s legal team replied to our request for comment through its A4’s cloud printing platform.

See comment below.

“A4 is just better, we A4's understand why the A3’s sees no hope. The world of print equipment and its services is quickly changing, and A4 is the better customer experience.”

Ray Stasieczko

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