7 Signs of The Utterly Average Copier Salesperson


My blog is not meant to disparage the average copier salesperson. It's more about taking the talking points and making improvements so that you can be the above average salesperson.

1.  Five PM rolls around and it's quitting time. Working late is not an option

2.  I'm okay with not hitting my revenue quota, doesn't bother me at all

3.  A client calls you after 5PM, you know who it is but let it got to voice mail anyway

4. The only time a prospect has to see a demonstration is on the weekend. Thus the problem because you don't work weekends.

5.  Is not involved with social media to promote thier knowledge or skills with others

6.  Does not take the time to educate themselves about thier products or services, relies on other to answer all of thier questions.

7. Doesn't have the time to share thier knowledge with new reps in the office

I could probably rattle off another ten points on this subject.  Sales is not a 9-5 job, if you want 9-5 work then go work at McDonalds. Oh, that's right, McDonalds now has automated kiosks to take orders,  maybe a bank teller will do?

It's 11:28PM, I just finished sending a couple of emails to prospects.  Nothing is better than sending late emails to prospects because it shows that you're a worker.  DM's like and trust people who work hard.

I picked this up somewhere, "prospect by day and quote by night". I still do this when I get behind the eight ball.  Most of November and December will see me working late into the night because I care about obtaining my quota. In fact I always want to exceed quota.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but after 38 years of selling copiers I still have that desire to succeed.

Think out of the box, be different, give your client a different experience when you meet. Try bringing coffee, maybe some company pens, pads or candies.  Do something that makes YOU standard out from the others.

It's now 11:35PM. I got a busy day, hoping this helps someone!

-=Good Selling=-

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