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6 Tips on How to Sell More Without Really Trying

A re-post from a few years ago, with a few changes and additional tips. Enjoy!!


Last week we had a special training day for telemarketing, my how the day brought back many memories about how I use to get additional business, find additional prospects and or make a new contact.  

Over the years we tend to forget about some of the basics that was taught us many years ago.  I'm thinking that many of these "ways" may have perished forever because I don't hear anyone preaching or teaching these techniques.  

While this will be one of my shorter blogs I hoping that it will bring back memories for us old timers and for those that are new to the industry some new ways of finding those new accounts.

1. When you're finished writing the order ask the DM if they might know of anyone else that may be interested in your services.  (If you don't ask you don't get)

2. While you're writing the order, ask if the DM would be interested in any additional smaller printers, scanners or a backup MFP. (ya never know right)

3. You're bogged down on price, the DM put it out there, "can I get the system for this ....(he states his price), well you know you can do that price but instead of just saying "if I can do that price can we write order"?  maybe spin it this way "I'm ok with that price as long as we can write the order today and you can give me three references that may need my services, will that work for you"?

4. If you're selling Managed Services along with selling imaging, after you write the imaging order close for another appointment to introduce your other services.

5. Ask the DM if they are involved with an Association for their industry, if so ask for the contact name of that person.  Call the Association and ask about sponsorship initiatives, speaking opportunities for educated the members, or showing your wares at one of their meetings.


6.  Have a plan to sell the extras (pre printed flyers), there was once a time when our company offered a $50 bonus in the form of a Savings Bond for every additional small A4 MFP that we sold. In a year I sold about fifty of those puppies. Yup, I moved em for cost, but the Savings Bonds were the bonus.  And then there were some additional upgrades a few years later for those small A4 MFP's.


Numbers 1, 2 & 3 seem to have been forgotten at least in my neck of the woods.  I just don't hear managers preaching these.  Hope this helps for everyone.

-=Good Selling=-

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