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57 Days of Selling "Day 57" The Last Day


Traffic, what traffic?  That was the first thought that came to me once I entered the on ramp for the Garden State Parkway.  There was no traffic, which told me that Friday was going to be a get away day for most.

After arriving at the office, I downed my first cup of coffee and got to work.  Since it was the last day of the quarter, the year and the month, I knew my chances were slim to none today.  My only course of action was the follow up for the $25K net new op and the existing client that called yesterday and needed three devices.

First up was the existing client, got a hold of my prospect (gatekeeper) and I was informed that the DM did not come in the office yesterday and had not arrived at the office at this time. I asked what time the DM was expected and my prospect told me that he wasn't sure.  "Ok, I'll give you a call before the end of the day", is where I left that one.

Now for the net new $25K deal, remember this is the deal where the DM stated that he will have an decision for me on the 21st about midday.  After three phone calls and two emails on Wednesday & Thursday there was no response.  But, I still had today, maybe he was busy, maybe he needed more info, maybe they delayed the decision, all of these were possible.  However, my gut told me that something was wrong because there was were no calls or emails.  On previous attempts before presenting our proposal, there were no issues with the client responding with either a call or an email.  Thus, the call was made, and like the other calls from the last two days, I was directed to email.  The client is screening his calls, saw my number and directed it right to voice mail. 

At this point, I'm pretty sure that my aggressive proposal was probably used to whittle down the incumbents numbers.  The client just doesn't have the decency to call me or email me. I'm a big boy, I can take it.

So, the quest to hit the $200K number fell short.  It happens, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. 

Is there anything I would have done different?  No, I prospected as best as I could, I really didn't lose much in my pipeline, just that a few of those opportunities did not pan out to be in the time frame that I needed them to.  The bases were full, I had the chance to get to the plate, but just couldn't get the run home. I could see if it was the last day of the quarter and year and I didn't have the opportunities. That would have meant that I did a piss poor job.  But, the ops were there. 

On the drive home, I felt really good about the year that I had. I had a crappy year last year and I set a goal for not having a another year like that one.  I don't have the final numbers but believe I increased last years revenue by more than 40%.   In addition, I believe this year was my highest revenue to date with my six years at Stratix.  Thus, I have much to be thankful for.

As of today, I'm on vacation for quite a few days over the Holidays.  The much needed break will give me time to recharge and plan for 2017. 

I'd like to thank everyone for following this blog, at times it was a bear to sit down and give a recap of the day.  I had fun sharing my content, my drive and my passion for the industry. I can only hope that I've been able to help or inspire some readers that selling office technology aka copiers can be an awesome career.

I have one goal for 2017, and that goal is to out perform 2016!   

-=Good Selling=-

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Kyocera Guy posted:

Thanks for bringing us the 57 days of selling.  If everything is delivered within the next 3 days it looks like I will make my goal by a whole $12.00 for the year.  Wow what a squeeker.  Thanks for taking your time on it.  It helped me push through it.

MY Pleasure!

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