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57 Days of Selling "Day 55" The Last Two Days


As we draw closer and closer to Christmas here in the States, each passing day has seen a downward trend in my received emails and calls.  Today, I heard of a few accounts that are going to be closed on Friday. 

One of those accounts is the account where I sold the pre-owned 80PPM Color MFP.  Thus tomorrow, I'll be taking a trek there to get the paper work signed.

You do know what this means right? 

If I sold the pre-owned 80PPM color mfp, then that means I got the deal for 80ppm devices!  I finally made the call about 4PM today, and was greeted with good news, as I received the verbal and the contracts were in legal and should be ready for tomorrow.

It's funny with these calls, quite a few times during the day, I thought about calling the three ops I have on tap.  Each time I thought, geesh if I don't call them yet, then deal still has a chance of going through! I tell ya, I can get to be a nut case with do I call, don't I call, when should I call, what's the best time to call. It could and sometime does go on an on.

Just about three PM, I followed up twice with my $25k op for a net new.  Both times, the prospects voice mail came on.  Both times, I did not leave a message, after the last call I did send an email.  As of a few minutes ago, there was no email from the prospect.  Thus, another day on this op. BTW, I'm not expecting to get this op, and it's because I've lost twice in a row to the incumbent. The expectations are set low, and just maybe I'll have a Christmas surprise.

A few minutes after call the 25K op, I received an email with order docs for the net new client for the small A4 copier with the DOSS, that I pitched the other day. Not a big deal, but it's net new and worth about $2,200 for revenue.

In additional to all of this, I had an appointment with an existing client that has an (2) 55ppm A3 color devices.  That lease is due to expire soon. 

I went through their needs for a new device along with their existing costs for the lease and maintenance.  We were going to save them oodles of dollars.  Every thing was smooth until my prospect gets up and hands me a set of brochures from a competitor.  The prospect then whispers, "I don't like this person".  I know the competition, I know the sales person, and I'm not saying anything else about this one, until it's closed.  BTW, I got a ton of dirt on this one!

Not a bad day, I got two of three, with three still hanging out there. Plus, I've got two days to see if I can find a home for the other pre-owned 80ppm color device. There is a chance!

Tomorrow?  I'll be running around picking up docs. No emailing since time is too short.

Amount Sold Today = $48K

Total Revenue to Date = $171.5K

New Opportunities Created Today= $0K

Total New Opportunities Created = $386K

Revenue Required to hit 200K Goal = $27.5 K

Lost Opportunity Today = $0k

-=Good Selling=-

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