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57 Days of Selling "Day 54" The Last Three Days


Hard to believe that in three short days this endeavor of mine to share my sales journal with everyone will expire.

Don't have much time tonight to write, so this is going to be short and sweet. After I'm finished writing this blog, I have to ready a lease, order doc and maintenance agreement for a net new account and email it out tonight.  Matter of fact, I need to do two of these since the DM isn't sure which one he will go with.  The gatekeepers last day of the year is tomorrow and she wants the DM to order before she leaves.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, not a big deal, one of those smaller A4's. 

With the above opportunity, I focused on the Disk OverWrite for the Hard Drive.  With all of the hacking, and ransomeware scares,  I thought I would focus on including this option with the two A4 devices.  I stated the advantages, the benefits and then told a story about an article I read about hard drive security in copiers.  At the end of the presentation, I asked if my competitor had included and or mentioned the benefits of having a Disk OverWrite system,  they had not. I then asked, "is this a feature you need?".  There was another yes and thus I felt like I was on the way to securing the order.

I presented three different A4's, we got it down to two, and now I need to do the paperwork and get it to them tonight, since I have a full day tomorrow.

AM Appointment

Existing account that had purchased a A3 55ppm color laser printer from me earlier this year or might have been late last year.  I was there for a walkthrough to see all of their print devices. The IT person was fed up with managing 20 plus printers, one A3 black MFP and two A4 black devices.  With my camera app enabled on my smart phone, I documented every device.

Funny story for everyone, which goes back ten years or more. My Ricoh DM contacted me and asked If I could take some Japanese Engineers to some of my duplicator accounts in NJ.  They were there to ask questions about the existing product and to ask the account what they would like to see in new products.  While at one of the print shops the Engineers asked if they could take pictures,  the owner of the shop obliged.  Three Engineers then whipped out their digital cameras and started taking pictures of everything in his shop. I looked at the owner and he looked at me, and he stated "well, they wouldn't be Japanese, if they weren't taking pictures".  I just had to laugh.

Back to the appointment.  At first I thought this might have been an op that I could close this month.  But, with all of the devices, three different floors, and four or five different workgroups made me back off.

I suggested we install Print Audit Insight and let it run for a few weeks so that we could see their print habits, and volumes.  The IT person approved and we're scheduled for next week.

Two BIG Ops

Today, was follow up day for both of the.  One for $40K and the other for $25K.  I was able to contact both IT persons and both told me that decisions are coming down tomorrow.  Combine that with the small A4 device and tomorrow could be a very good day or a very bad day!  I want all three!  There's nothing else I can do, we are the incumbent on one account (feel good about that) and the other two are net new.  Well, what's one more day.

Amount Sold Today = $0K

Total Revenue to Date = $123.5K

New Opportunities Created Today= $12K

Total New Opportunities Created = $386K

Revenue Required to hit 200K Goal = $75.5 K

Lost Opportunity Today = $0k

-=Good Selling=- 

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