57 Days of Selling "Day 48"


I've just gotta start writing these blogs earlier.  It's past 10PM and I'm struggling with remembering how the day went!

I just finished up the weekly email up date, along with some recent press releases.  Seems this week and probably next week will be slow for Press Releases from the manufacturers.

After that tough Friday, I was determined to change things around.  In order to get that $48K opp sold, I knew what I needed to do.  Funny, some of my peers will poke fun of me for doing what I do best.  For me, it's just another way of working a deal so I can get the order closed.

For this particular opp on Friday, once the prospect backed out the third unit, there was not enough revenue in the deal to get the client to commit.  It's an easy sale when you can show the client they will have their costs reduced. 

What I'm going to share with you is one of the tactics that I used to close an order that I need and or make some additional revenue/GP. I'm sure some of you are doing this just like me.

When I access the buyout/trade up numbers for the leasing company, I pay close attention to the Trade up to Keep. In some cases there can be a heck of buy for the existing leased equipment.  In the case of my potential order, the price for the two 80 ppm color devices was extremely low.  Thus, the plan is get one or two prospects to commit to buying or leasing these units before I cut the deal with the original order.  I had put a few feelers out a couple of weeks ago on these units, but nothing came back.

Thus, today, I had a 4:30PM appointment with an existing account (501C), who had just leased a pre-owned A3 color device a few days ago.  The equipment was not delivered yet, and one of these 80ppm color devices would be awesome for this account.  The original plan for the meeting was not to sell anything, but to gather contacts and a letters of introduction to additional CEO's that my CEO is connected to. 

Thus, first thing this morning I was crunching the numbers with the prospects existing lease, the lease we just signed, and what they price would be to make the 80ppm device the main copier and the current leased copier the back up.  By the time I was done crunching the numbers, I felt really good about presenting the 80ppm device along with the customer keeping his current device.  The numbers?  My account would only pay $46 more dollars per month!  This was awesome.

At 4:30PM we met, and after gathering the contact information for the other prospects, I explained to my DM that I'm hear to tell you not to lease the copier that you just signed the paperwork for.  I was greeting with, "why do you have a better deal for me?"  With that we went over the T's & C's and my DM was able to tell me that we're 95% that this will happen. He just needs to talk with one other person (I'm thinking it's his marketing person). In previous interactions with this DM, 95% is something I feel really good about.

Just selling this one system will give me the revenue I need to cut the other order. I need to work a few things out tomorrow, and hoping I can wrap both of these up this week.

Otherwise, I was able to schedule four appointments today, and two of them were net new. One appointment had to be scheduled in January, but the other one was for this week.  The one for this week will be at least a $5k opp.

I'm driving home, and I get an email from another existing account that I spoke to in the AM.  That account sent me the order docs for a $6k deal!  Slowly but surely!

It's late, I'm done, hope you all have a great selling day tomorrow!

Wait, wait, one more item, there was another email from a referral, they want to meet ASAP for a wide format! WooHoo! Hoping to add this op tomorrow.

Amount Sold Today = $6K

Total Revenue to Date = $121.5K

New Opportunities Created Today= $5K

Total New Opportunities Created = $351K

Revenue Required to hit 200K Goal = $78.5 K

Lost Opportunity Today = $0k

-=Good Selling=-

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