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57 Days of Selling "Day 47"


Just watched the Giants go ahead of the Cowboys, go BIG BLUE GO!

It's late, almost 11PM.  Over the weekend I lost a day on my sales calendar.  That my friends was a mess up on my part.  I have ten days left in the month, not eleven, unless I missed a post somewhere.  I'll make up those hours this week with putting in some extra time.

Friday, well..., was not the kind of day that I was hoping for.   I had the 11AM appointment for that $48K opp,  in addition I found a few mistakes when double checking my math in the AM.  I'm so glad that I double checked my work, because nothing will kill a deal quicker if you have mistakes in your spread sheet.

In order to get to the account by 11AM, I needed to leave at or around 10:15.  A little back ground about this account for everyone.  They have two leases that were signed for 36 months. One of the leases has 5 months and the other lease has three months left on the left.  Two of the 80 ppm devices are at one location and the other device at another location.  

When I developed the existing cost vs new cost spreadsheets, I was able to prove that there would be an annual savings of more than $2,000 per year.  In most cases, saving two thousand a year is a no brainer to upgrade right away.

The fly in ointment was the location that had the one device. In addition when I originally sold that device it had some decent GP.  As we were reviewing the volumes at this location, our DM expressed that they may be closing that location, since it was only staffed with one person right now.  Thus, there may not be a need to replace that system!  With that device out of the equation, it blows the entire spreadsheet up and there is no more annual savings. In fact the cost rises to more than $200 per month that what they are paying.  Sigh....

But, there was a couple of wrinkles that I need to explore. One was the possible addition of an advanced scan solution and the other was a few projectors. I need to review and consult with others on Monday

If that wasn't all, and existing opp for this month finally emailed me back and stated they were not going to do anything with their wide format device.  At the end of the lease they are going to return and do with out one.    That was a $12K lost.

Every now and then we'll get these days, while some will say woo is me, I will try and find a way to get it done.

Not much else, not opps created, no orders, no appointments.  Ten days left!

Amount Sold Today = $0K

Total Revenue to Date = $115.5K

New Opportunities Created Today= $0K

Total New Opportunities Created = $346K

Revenue Required to hit 200K Goal = $84.5 K

Lost Opportunity Today = $12k

-=Good Selling=-

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I am seeing more of that with wide format recently and I am not sure why. Most of what I have seen has been where they are running the same volume as before but they just don't want to have a machine anymore so they outsource it and it doesn't seem to matter if the machine was leased to them for a $1 a month they still wouldn't do it. 

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