57 Days of Selling "Day 41"


Yes, I'm somewhat behind on my blog posts. I was reminded of this when I arrived at the office this morning.

Friday, was not one of my better days, still fighting what ever bug someone gave me. 

I was able to accompany our resident rookie to an appointment with an existing account.  This account had recently received a repair estimate for a duplicator that was almost seven years old.  There was no maintenance agreement in place, and the estimate for repair was in the very low four figures. 

We really did not know much about the accounts print habits and this was going to me more of a fact finding mission rather than trying to sell something. 

We arrived a little before 9AM, waited for a minutes and our client arrived a few minutes later. 

I wanted to find out if a duplicator was still a requirement. After thirty some questions we found out that a duplicator is still a good fit for them.  Did they need something as high end as they have? No, they could be better served with a smaller duplicator that didn't require 11x17. They could also benefit with a duplicator that was capable of printing from the network. 

Thus, we have a repair estimate for over $1,000, the existing duplicator is not under maintenance agreement, plus the duplicator is almost seven years old.  Yes, they could just spend the money and get it repaired, but when will the duplicator break down again?  Next week, next month, six months, two years?

We have no way of knowing that, nor does the client.  We then retreated a bit, explained that we need to look at some numbers and get back to them with a recommendation. 

During the ride back to the office, we discussed a plan to price up an A4 duplicator with a print controller.  Offer this on a 60 month lease and see where the numbers fall. It's my thinking that we can offer them a fixed cost to lease a new duplicator that will be less expensive than the current cost to repair the broken duplicator.  What I mean is that we are only going to look at the first year lease, maintenance and supply cost, thus hoping it will be the same or less than the out lay of the thousand dollars to fix the existing duplicator.  The client will then have two options, repair the existing duplicator or get a new one. It's not a great plan, but it's the only plan.

We also found out the existing lease cost for the current copier, all I can tell you is that sales person should be shakin in their boots!

I was just not up to the task of tackling the phone today.  I focused on processing the two orders I had from earlier in the week, and then focused on sending and answering a few emails.

I had a few more pricing discussions with our resident rookie and by about 3:30PM I was shot.  I left early, sent home, fell asleep and woke up about 10:30 Friday night.  After that I logged another right more hours of sleep.  Guess I needed it.

-=Good Selling=-

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