57 Days of Selling "Day 32"


Yes, I had a late start today.  Been battling a head cold, sinus thing the last few days and it's been a little bit of a struggle to get going.

I had scheduled my own little technology refresher today with one of our reps from Ricoh.  I find more and more clients/prospects that are interested in printing from their smart phones.  Thus, I wanted to do a refresher with connecting the smart phone and running through some of the features.

1117160939When I arrived, my rep was waiting for me (my apologies John), and off to the demo room I went.  However, the plan was about to change!  John brought in one of the new Ricoh D2200 Interactive White Board

Woohoo, I love new technology!  The Ricoh D2200 is a portable 21 inch flat panel display, that has so many awesome features!  I saw immediate value for my wide format clients, they could place this white board next to a wide format device.  Then scan the document on the wide format MFP to a folder, then move to the Ricoh D2200, access that folder and import the scanned document. 

The real magic happens when you import the drawing, one imported you can annotate and perform markups with the scan and then save that file.   I'm actually going use this add value my current wide format devices and use it as a knock out feature against my competitors.  I included a link above and there's another here. MSRP is $3,110, lease would be about $60 bucks a month, mere peanuts for the amount of time that can be saved!

Later in the day I had top prepare documents for my 2PM appointment, that was the appointment I spoke about yesterday, where I wanted to follow up with the delivery of the a new A3 color MFP.  I had two goals, one was to complete the advanced training as I had promised and the other was to secure the order for two addition A3 45ppm color MFP's.  The training took about 90 minutes with five staffers, it could have ended sooner, however everyone still had to answer the phones and wait on clients that came in the door.

I spent about five minutes with the DM, went over both systems, and asked about delivery times (assume the order). I then stated, "it's my recommendation that we order these devices today in order to guarantee delivery before Christmas, is that something we can do today?"  The DM replied with a big fat, "yes".  I then handed the DM the bound order docs, each page was highlighted where signatures were needed.  Twenty minutes later I had the documents in hand.  I then spent an additional thirty minutes or so with the marketing person, where we reviewed the advanced color options that are available with the PCL 6 driver.

Two color devices in the books, revenue for both for $21K. That's a great afternoon! 

I'm thinking I have a shot to add another $4-6K tomorrow, we'll see how that pans out.  Thus, the plan for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to prospect, prospect, and more prospected.

Amount Sold Today = $21.5K

Total Revenue to Date = $103.5K

New Opportunities Created Today= $0K

Total New Opportunities Created = $234K

Revenue Required to hit 200K Goal = $96.5K

Lost Opportunity = $8K (lost to .039 color & .0066 black, no increase for 36 months)

-=Good Selling=-


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Hi Art -

Quick greetings from Idaho!

Want you to know that your daily selling diary is a huge hit with me.
Really enjoying the saga!!! Now I am waiting for the latest you are
learning about re printing from mobile phones!

And regarding that website and Google Search - here's what I just got
(screen shot attached). Similar to your results!

I am taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging but keeping busy on other
things. Looking to bounce back into something more industry-related

Have a great Thanksgiving and good selling!!!



Thanks!  It was my intent to share what I do on a daily basis so that others may be able to benefit.  I can only hope that  others are sharing this content within their dealership and socially.

I'm little worried about December, since the month can be a great one or a bomb. I don't need a bomb right now.  I will continue to work to achieve that goal.  Once I'm done with December, I'm taking two full weeks off from work and from writing!  LOL

You're killing it Art! It's incredibly motivating to read you tackle this huge goal daily. Forget the Samsung deal lost. Pond scum dealers selling service that cheap will be out of business soon enough. You can't give away your service and expect to eat tomorrow.

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