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57 Days of Selling "Day 16"


FYI, I've got a killer sinus headache tonight, gonna make this short and sweet for every one.

Had two appointments for today, one was for a wide format color scanner scheduled at 10AM and the second appointment was too follow up with an existing account that had the hots for improving their paper based workflow for purchase orders and the associated invoices and maybe the need to replace to older analog copiers with something pre-owed.  Still can't believe I'm seeing analog copiers still in the field.

My early morning was tasked with sending courtesy emails to existing clients with a teaser about document management software.  Thought I would put a little bait in the email and see what happens.

One of my deals, backed off some. I was suppose to have the order yesterday,  which prompted a call to my prospect.  My prospect then informed me that they are going to wait a bit, because they really didn't need the system right now and the buying time was moved back a few weeks. ARRRGGHH!

I thought the move was intentional and the prospect was hoping I might drop the price to get the deal done.  Well, there was no dropping of the price, because I'm holding the position of strength with a cream puff of a pre-owned system.  Just going to let the ball travel with this account and see how this plays out in a couple of weeks.

My first appointment was with an existing wide format client who bought from me ten years ago.  Yes, he still has an analog wide format device that just makes copies!  Thus, I was ready with and pre-filled order doc, a pre-filled lease and the intent was to get an order for a low end wide format scanner. 

The first thing my prospect hits me with is a print out from Craig's list for a used Ricoh Digital wide format that was reselling for about $3K. I was able to debunk this quite easily because there was no model number, no meter read, and no service history. I knew and my prospect knew that if a drum needed to be replaced,  the cost was more than want he wanted to spend.

My client then hands me a printout from a web site where they are offering a full color wide format scanner (24inch) for $1,995. At this point, I'm thinking.......why am I wasting my time with this?  However,  the product he showed me was interesting and I thought I would pick the system apart by reading the entire brochure.  I did not walk out with an order, nor did I lose an order, but I offered up a stall to do some additional research and get back to my client later that day.  Right now, it's more about revenue, and I think I can get the order tomorrow with one more phone call. It is a big deal, no it's not, is it worth my time, not actually.  "But meat is meat and a mans gotta eat".  Like I've stated it's more about revenue right now.

I was back to the office by noon, had lunch and then received a lead for a wide format systems.  WooHoo!  I did reach out by phone and could not connect, thus I sent an email right after the call.  Hoping this appointment can be scheduled tomorrow.

Afternoon appointment was with that existing account that had shown some interest in document management and two copiers.  My client met me in the hallway and stated, "I'd like to get those copiers, however not everyone is on board", I then stated to the client (Operations Manager), "maybe it's time to wield your power and just order the systems, it's not like you don't need them.", "maybe you're right" he stated, "give me a few days on this".  I could have hit him again, but I backed off because I wanted to secure the meeting for the document management.  I offered up a lunch and learn for him. I stated you get your people, I'll get my people, I'll buy lunch and we'll schedule the webinar in your office.  My client agreed that was good and we both agreed that we would get our peeps together and select a date for next week or the week after.

I arrived back at the office and concentrated on prospecting with existing clients for the rest of the day.  Left a little after 5PM

Not a great day, but not a bad day, still moving things forward and added another opp. Like I stated, I'm ok as long as I can add one opportunity per day, because sooner or later all of these opps are going to start dropping.

Amount Sold Today = $0K

Total Revenue to Date = $44K

New Opportunities Created Today= $11K

Total New Opportunities Created = $166K

Revenue Required $156K

-=Good Selling=-

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Czech posted:

Art, how do you create a funnel of 180k each and every month? What constitutes an "opportunity" in your mind: a) A customer who is actively looking for a solution you offer or B) Someone that you've determined (not the customer yet) has a need for a solution you offer?

Never ever stop prospecting is the key. Always adding and subtracting. I would say on average I keep about $100K of deals I think can close in 30 days. I focus on 180 because 2/3rd of them will either roll, or lose.

90% of the time, I will wait until the first contact to determine if that appointment is an opportunity.  Once it's in the funnel, I then determine when it may have a chance to close.  If's it's more than 50% it's going in the 30 day close funnel

Art, how do you create a funnel of 180k each and every month? What constitutes an "opportunity" in your mind: a) A customer who is actively looking for a solution you offer or B) Someone that you've determined (not the customer yet) has a need for a solution you offer?

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