57 Days of Selling "Day 15"


Guess who woke up on time this AM? 

After yesterday's fiasco I made sure that my phone alarm was set for AM & not PM like the night before.

If I tend to ramble some on this blog, it's because I'm also paying attention the Cubs vs Indians. I'm a fan of neither team, but I am a fan of baseball. 

There's a term in baseball called, "let the ball travel", or some people may say, "let the ball get deeper", in any case the term is generally used when a hitter is out in front and fouling balls off.   Let the ball travel, is something I use with sales, in my case it means to back off a bit from the follow ups on opportunities and see what develops over a few days and then move the ball forward as those opportunities contact you. 

Today a few of those opportunities did call me back for additional questions.  Once I answered those questions, I was then able to pose additional questions that helped me move two opportunities closer to closing.  One existing client committed to demo tomorrow, and the other scheduled time with me on Friday.  I looking forward to closing both of them this week.

My day started with getting additional information about an A3 Canon color device (special thanx to P4P'er Jason for getting me that info), so that I could finish up that side by side spreadsheet I promised to have for a client today.

Once I finished that up, I was off to following up on early morning emails about supplies, deliveries, billing questions, geesh it never ends does it?  It was then time to review my "deal sheet", and yes I keep a list of potential deals/opps on a sheet of paper.    That deal sheet is something that I update everyday, I find it easier that muddling through the opportunities in my CRM, and at a quick glance I can figure my next steps with those 18 opportunities.

Made a few more calls to existing accounts, and then just about 11:30AM, I had an email from accounting that the down payment check had arrived for a decent order.  I had requested a deposit for seventy-five percent of the order due to the complexity of the order, however that's not what we received.  The check was for the full amount for $42K and change. Woo Hoo! Now the real work begins.

Now, I all I need to do is sow up a couple of more orders this week and I'll be in a good position with forty two days left in the year...., as long as I keep on prospecting!  For those of you that are rookies, newbies, I can tell you from experience that you can't rely on leads from the manufacturer, nor your dealership to hit your numbers.  There is never nothing to do in sales. If you're not prospecting, then your competition is. 

My afternoon was filled with answering questions for some of the rookies in the office, a few more phone calls and many emails to existing accounts, kinda more like a courtesy calls.  I just wanted to stay in front of them and the quickest way is to shoot them an email rather than leaving a message, or playing phone tag.

Tomorrow?  One appointment, a few cold calls, and then back to the office to make more calls.

You know, one of these days, when someone asks me, "who may I say is calling?", I'm going to reply with "God, please tell them God is calling".  Matter of fact, I will do that before I retire.

Amount Sold Today = $42K

Total Revenue to Date = $44K

New Opportunities Created Today= $0K

Total New Opportunities Created = $154K

Revenue Required $156K

-=Good Selling=-

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