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57 Days of Selling Copiers "Day 4"


What a night it was last night.  The Giants vs the Packers or Trump vs Clinton, after watching 15 minutes of the Giant vs the Packers I switched to Trump vs Clinton.  I tell you, Trump vs Clinton was a whole heck of a lot more entertaining than the Giants game!

Arrggg, Monday mornings, I hate em, you hate em, we all hate them.  I think I finally feel asleep some where around mid-night, thus I had a hard time getting this old bag o bones moving in the  AM.

I had a 9AM appointment with an existing account that had a month left on their lease. The have a 25PPM MFP with color scan, and after 15 minutes or so we agreed that the proposal for the new system should include all of the features on the last system.  No need for color or any solutions.  I did throw in a paper tray lock in order to move the process along. Should have an answer on this upgrade in a week or so, since that is the next time the board meets.

I was back at the office around 11AM and had many issues to clean up, for starters I messed up an order from last month. Well, the client thinks I did, me thinks the client somehow had a memory lapse. I took care of it asap, thus I could move on to some prospecting.

Between the emails, answering the phone, I only had enough time to log about 12 calls, however I was able to schedule two appointments for next (since this week is booked) week.  In addition I was able to garner three additional opportunities. First opp was for a small A4 mon, the second was a wide format color and A3 color MFP, the last opp was from my first appointment. 

I spent a lot of developing the numbers for the second opp wit the color wide format and the A3 color device.  This is for an existing account and the last time I presented and ROI spreadsheet, the client asked, "why would I not do this?".

Thus, I put a few hours into laying out the clients existing costs vs proposed costs.  Hoping when we meet next week, we' have the same outcome from a few years ago.

Tomorrow morning is dedicated to more phone prospecting in the AM. I have client visit at 1PM about and hour away.  After that, I plan on doing some strategic cold calls for net new.

Amount Sold Today = 0

Total Revenue to Date = $2K

New Opportunities Created = $27K

Total New Opportunities Created = $79K

-=Good Selling=


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