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57 Days of Selling Copiers "Day 2"


Wednesday night saw me catching the last few innings of the Mets vs the Giants, alas I will have to wait till next season since the Mets were shut out by the Giants.

Since I hit the sack so late, I found myself up a little past 6AM, finally arrived to the office just a little after 8AM.  I had scheduled to be in the office all day because we had a call block scheduled for 12:45 that would last until 3:30PM.

Starting at 3:45 we had a monthly sales meeting for all of the branches via our Ricoh teleconference system.

Prior to lunch I was able to complete two ROI based worksheets for two different existing accounts.  These work sheets included the current cost annual cost for the the leased hardware and the last twelve months of billing for maintenance and supplies.  I also develop and additional work sheet that will lay out the proposed annual lease cost and the new maintenance and supply costs.  Thus I can show my client the before and after along with any changes in quarterly or annual page volumes that I recommend.  

I also spent time on returning emails from Admin, clients, and answered questions that were posed to me from the rookie sales people in the office.

After lunch it was Call Time.  My call time was directed towards setting appointments for net new customers, but I also found the time to catch some existing clients.  I ended up making about 37 calls, scheduled 6 appointments with three of those appointments being net new.  Boy are those net news tough to schedule.  But, I was determined to get it done, I gotta hit the number thus I was leaving no stone un-turned.

My day was not over after our sales meeting, because I was also scheduled to attend The Cannata Awards and Charity Dinner in North Jersey.   

A little before 6PM I arrived at the Westminster Hotel in Livingston, checked in, freshened up and was off to the two hour ****tail party.  If you ever want to see the who's who of our industry, then you need to attend The Cannata Dinner.

I chatted with many old friends, made some new friends and had one funny moment while I was getting a ginger ale.  A women turned to me and asked what I was drinking, I stated Ginger Ale, she then ordered the drink for me and turned to me , handed me my drink and asked, "so who are you"?  She then looked at my name tag and stated OMG, it's Art!  In turn I did not realize the woman was Tanya Flores from ESP.  We've spoken many times over the phone in the past year since ESP is an advertiser for the P4P Hotel.  We hadn't seen each other in about three years.  

I'd like to thank Muratec for inviting me again this year, special thanx to Jim & Lou!  

If you have the time, you need to check out the Muratec Label Press, this system can make you a ton of cash and it's got sizzle.  We all know Sizzle sells!

It's about 11:30PM now and it's time to turn in, I've got two appointments tomorrow, one of them may turn out to be a closing appointment, my second appointment is to present my recommendation for one of my clients that have pushed their color volume to more than 25K per month.

Amount Sold Today = 0

Total Revenue to Date = $2K

New Opportunities Created = $12K

-=Good Selling=-

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