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5 Things I Love with the New Ricoh IM 2500-6000 MFPs


I guess my number #1 like is that these new MFP's were finally released!  The pandemic pushed a lot of manufacturers launches back a few months and I believe that we'll see other manufacturers stepping up the game in the coming months with additional MFP offerings.

Now, I know this blog is about I "love" but I have to mention this launch should have been for one MFP and then let the dealers decide what speed licenses they would like to purchase. Also,  when speaking about speed licenses those licenses should have an annual subscription cost.  Then each year the client would have to renew the same speed license or a faster speed license for a few more bucks.  We're not there yet, however I do believe that will be the future with one MFP and then an offering of licenses.


So #2 has to be ACT (Always Current Technology), and the ACT talk tract was proven to be a winner with clients for the IM C color series for the last 12 months.  ACT allows clients to keep their MFPs with current technology with periodic downloads for the latest features.  It might not mean much once the client has the MFP in place but it does matter when you've got competition!


Intelligent Support is my pick for #3 and this feature is also one of those talk tracks that I lead with for my clients.  Intelligent support tools like Remote Connect Support allows our Tech Support peeps to remotely connect to the MFP to make a change, adjustment or fix an issue.  I like to tell our clients it's just like IT support, you know when they remote into your PC to make a fix.  We can now do that with the MFPs, thus countless hours cab be saved if there is a non part(s) issue.


Smart Integration comes in at #4 because it can help my clients with document workflow automation. Smart integration is a subscription model and allows clients to pick and choose the services that they like.  Scan2cloud, Scan/browse2cloud folders, OCR, Scan2Word, Scan2Excel are just the tip of the iceberg, however what I like most is that the Smart Integration is the gateway to for bring clients to content management solutions like DocuWare.


Last but not the lease is the ability for the Ricoh devices to have auto firmware updates.  Maybe I should have put this at #1 because I lead with this for every net new and existing client.  If you don't tell the story to the client that these MFP's are end points on the network then you're making a BIG mistake.

Security is now the name of the game especially with all of the recent ransomware and malware attacks.  My explanation is simple by asking the client if they have a smart phone, of course they all do. My second questions asks them if they receive notifications for software updates, another BIG yes for this one. The last question asks them if they know what the updates are for? I'd day it's a 50% split on those that do and those that don't  Those that do get it and those that don't get the explanation that the firmware includes software patches, and security updates. Clients really do pay attention to security now.

Can anyone guess what I did not speak about?

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