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5 Reasons Why Those in the Copier Industry Should Be a Print4Pay Hotel Member


We've all heard the expression, it's not what you know it's about who know. The larger your network, the more access you have to opportunities.

Almost twenty years ago I created the first and still the only web based forums for copier industry professionals (not a tech forum).   Over the years I've been able to lean on others in the industry to get information that I need to close orders through the Print4Pay Hotel forum members. Sometimes it's competitive info, pricing, what's good, what's bad, the point is that there are people just like you and me that are willing to share their knowledge of the industry.

My specialty is wide format, production and AEC (Architect, Engineers Construction). However when it comes to other verticals I may need some help. While I may not be an expert in the legal market I can go the forums and find and copier expert that can help me my questions.  Those answers can help me with opportunities that I can bring to a close.  Likewise I'm more than willing to help others with wide format & AEC info.  It's all about sharing our knowledge and helping each other so that we can close more orders and support our families.

1) Expand your network:  Whether you're a Dealer Principal, VP Sales, Sales Manager or an Account Rep (like me). You'll have access to the forums to search threads (more than 50K), read threads, ask questions, answer questions and maybe you might have a rant or two. You can even take some threads private. You have the opportunity to lean on others for product information or general sales help.

2) Blogs:  Each week we post 4-6 blogs about the industry.  Blogs that I write, blogs from Ray S and Larry Levine.  When you're a member you'll receive immediate notification when a new blog has been posted. In addition you'll have permissions to "like" it, reply with a comment or question.  Between Larry, Ray Stasieczko an myself we have more than 100 years of experience in the industry. Thus you'll get to read some pretty cool stuff and catch some video content.

3) Our sponsors: Sometimes you just need to click the banner to see what's out there. There are times when we go about our business with blinders on, and we're not looking around so see what's new and different.  There are times when what's new and different can make that extra sale. There are products and accessories for our industry that I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that you aren't aware of. What this means is that the reps or dealers that know about these products will eat your lunch.  Just today, I received a top secret accessory to do a test run from one of our sponsors.

4) Our Documents and Pics: Over the years I've developed many documents that can help those in our industry with cold calls, side by sides, discovery documents, ROI's for wide format, you name it and it's more than likely posted on the site. We've also develop quite the museum of pictures and brochures of copiers, fax and typewriters from the past. If you're curious about the past of the copier industry the "clips" section of our site is a great place to start.

5) Premium/VIP: The secret sauce as we like to call it.  Premium/VIP gives you access to all of our sales help documents, premium blogs (my secret stuff), surveys, leads that we've acquired and the Premium/VIP forum (your secret stuff). 

The five I listed are just a few of the awesome features of our site. We'd like to extend a personal invitation to you to join our 3,000 plus members. There is no cost for the basic membership.

However, for all new members we'll through in a 30 day comp of the Premium/VIP Membership. No credit card required. Use it abuse if you like you can email me for a renewal, if not Premium/VIP will cease after 30 days.

Here's the link to join and we're looking forward to seeing you on the forums and the site

-=Good Selling=-

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