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5 Reasons Why Not to Get Your Copier MFP at Discount Stores

Another email asking me if I had written a blog about educating end users of copiers why they should get a new copier from a dealer and not get one from a retail establishment. I hoping they and guessing that they were referring to the a Staples, Max, Best Buy and the hordes of others who offer low end POS's.


1.  Ah, that small color copier may be inexpensive, however, the cost of supplies will drive you up a wall!  Just think, typically color prints will cost .20 to .30 cents a page.  Printing or copying only 500 pages a month will cost you $125 per month or $1,500 a year for just the supplies. Compare that to a small office color and your monthly cost could be as low as $40 per month or $480 per year.  That's a huge savings..


2.  When that little POS breaks, who is going to come on-site and fix it? No one, you gotta put that sucker in your car and then drive it to a service facility. In most cases they will give you an estimate to repair that is higher than what you paid for the system.


3.  Do you think that color copier/printer will last last five years?  Think again, you're probably lucky if you get 18 months of service out of the system before something very expensive fails.  


4.  THE BIG LIE!  I'll be you didn't know this, when manufacturers state the cost per page for these inexpensive systems they are only referring to the cost for the toner and maybe the drum.  That's because the other consumable items they count as a "part" and "parts" don't count in their eyes when they state the cost per page for consumables.


5. Most likely, if you're going to print 500 pages each month, you'll need to buy three of these units in a 4 year period.  Why?  Because they are built to fail and engineered to chew through consumables.  That $700 systems quickly becomes $2,100 and that's not taking into account of the fortune you'll spend on the supplies.


6.  I have questions about my machine, who can I call?  Well, you need to call the manufacturer and hope that the line is not busy, the person answering the phone understands the English language, you can understand what they are saying, and that they just don't give a crap and hang up on you.


The small color copier/printers that are sold at these stores are sometimes priced lower than what it costs the manufacturer to produce that unit.  It's a lost leader and they are counting that you'll be buying supplies that POS for many years.  


Real color copier/printers from local Authorized Dealers can last at a minimum 5 years or longer.  Combine that with the excellent on-site service, their years of experience and knowledge. All of that means excellent bang for the buck and tremendous value!!!   Do your self a favor contact your local Authorized Copier Dealer.


-=Good Selling=-


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