More and more C-Level executives are becoming increasingly aware and comfortable with their own thought leadership style and their ability to reach more people than ever. LinkedIn has become the channel to share insight, expertise and knowledge.

In the growing digital world, social media outlets allow companies to be perceived as interactive and relevant to prospects and their clients. There is a demand for a more personalized message from companies, especially so from C-Suite leadership and management.

"In today's hyper-connected, information driven world, CEO's and senior executives alike are expected to have an active social presence. Brand image, brand trust and a company's long term success depend on it"
Ann Charles, BRANDfog Founder & CEO

In a recent survey by BRANDfog they go on to state that "83% of U.S. respondents believe that CEO participation in social media can build better connections with customers, employees and investors." The connections create relationships which resonate with clients and prospects inclining them to be more attentive to your corporate brand. One of the best ways to establish those professional connections is through LinkedIn.

Importance of strong, branding LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has become a pivotal part of the business world allowing businesses to network, recruit and generate sales leads. It is time for C-Level executives to join the movement.

5 Reasons Why Leaders Of Copier Dealerships Should Have Strong LinkedIn Profiles

1. Promotes a positive public image - Creating a professional LinkedIn profile, executives are able to clearly display their accomplishments, education, company brand and endorsements on their profiles. In addition, they can post status updates, job openings and promote new hires to showcase the success of the company along with the corporate culture. 

It is very important, as the corporate leader you should either have a very strong LinkedIn profile, or none at all. An incomplete LinkedIn profile, especially one without an image, can hurt a company’s reputation and perception by your clients and prospects.

2. Promotes your company - Having a strong LinkedIn profile publicizes your company’s offerings and professional services while showcasing your personal experience and skills.  By having company leader's display strong, engaging LinkedIn profiles this provides your company even more value and affirmation in the eyes of clients and prospects.

The key point to highlight is visibility. Utilizing LinkedIn allows potential clients along with current clients to view and interact with your company. By creating a profile on LinkedIn, you as well as your company are accessible not only through your corporate website but also accessible through search engines. Executives need to lead by example. Use social media in productive, innovative ways to further promote and grow your brand.

Utilizing LinkedIn attracts positive public relations and allows for more ways to communicate with potential clients and current customers. These characteristics are something which gives executives and their company brand a competitive edge.

3. Client and prospect engagement - A well-positioned LinkedIn profile allows better accessibility to potential prospects to connect and interact with you. When a potential prospect feels they are able to interact with the executive this allows for a more personalized experience which ultimately creates trust. According to BRANDfog, Nearly 75% of U.S. respondents to the BRANDfog survey believe that a company whose C-Suite executives use social media to communicate brand values is more trustworthy. 

By becoming more engaging as an executive this allows you to be seen as a peer thus creating a more engaging experience for your company, potential prospects and your clients.

4. A strong LinkedIn profile creates humanization - Being able to put a face to a name is important to any business and personal relationship. Any leader worth their salt should value and hold in high regard the relationship between the client (current and future) and the brand they represent.

A well branded LinkedIn profile reaches much more than current clients. It also reaches employees, potential employees as well as peers. When the business leader creates a LinkedIn profile he/she humanizes themselves and makes themselves more approachable.

5. A strong LinkedIn profile and participation on LinkedIn builds trust - 

"More than 80% of respondents agree Social Media enhances the image and reputation of executives as forward-thinking, trend-setting leaders"

BRANDfog 2014 survey

Business leaders should leverage LinkedIn to effectively create a compelling story which will resonate with peers, employees, potential employees and other business leaders within the community. Executives should start with:

  • A professional picture which immediately portrays confidence and authority.
  • A value centric tailored headline to showcase your company and how you help your target audience; your clients and prospects.
  • Create a compelling and fascinating story within the summary section which speaks right to your connections. Write it in 1st person so it’s not a boring resume repurposed for the public to see.

Questions to help you...

What do you want to be professionally know for?

What kind of work environment do you provide?

What do you love most about what you do?

LinkedIn has become the social channel where your peers are investing their time to connect with other peers as well as reading relevant educational articles.

As the leader and face of the company, LinkedIn is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal story about your accomplishments (your WHY), but it is also a massive opportunity to dovetail your company’s brand story about what your company does and who they help.

 LinkedIn is one of the highest-ranked sites on Google when people are searching your name. It’s important you make a great first impression not only for your professional health but for your company's brand health.

Even if you aren’t actively selling in your current position, your brand presence means a great deal for your organization. Think about your social presence!

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